Summer 2014 Workshops

We have successfully completed our 2014 Summer Workshops. A summary will be posted soon, although in the meantime check out the daily recaps in the blog.

What was offered:

July 14-18: Math as a Second Language
This course lays the groundwork for other workshops that follow.  We explore the fundamental ideas of arithmetic and algebra and their connections with language.  The primary goals are to provide a solid conceptual foundation to the operations of arithmetic and to lay bare the connections between arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.  Participants will also begin to explore how the ideas of arithmetic play into more sophisticated ideas that students see in their K-12 experience.  Participants will also experience first-hand the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, and we will discuss how the content of this workshop develops across grade levels.

July 21-25: Functions and Algebra
This course builds on Math as a Second Language, pushing more into algebra, constant rates, and proportions.  Participants also develop a deeper understanding of the concept of a function, which is central to mathematics in grades 6-12, and how the ideas in the K-5 grades act as a precursor to what follows. Graphing functions and linear relationships are also explored.  (Note: Math as a Second Language is considered to be a pre-requisite for this course.)

Instructors will be Andrew Baxter (Lecturer, PSU Math), Fran Arbaugh (Associate Professor, PSU Math Education), and Gwendolyn Lloyd (Professor, PSU Math Education).

Participants will receive the following:

  • $1000/week stipend
  • Free lodging in State College
  • Limited travel compensation

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