If you’re looking to read some manga, then you’re in luck! Whether you’re looking to try out something new, or if you’re looking to read an old favorite, you can come check out our collection of manga in the club room, 306 HUB. We also have some anime and other media available to check out! Below is a spreadsheet listing all of the manga and anime in our collection that you can check out! Stop by to look around!




Where is the library?

It’s in our club room, 306 HUB!


How do I borrow manga/anime? 

Talk to one of our librarians and they will help you to sign out a book/DVD. You must be a member of the club to sign something out.


Where and when can I read and borrow manga?

Come to our club room during one of our librarians’ office hours or during manga nights on Fridays! There, you can read and borrow manga.


What manga/anime do you have available?

Below is a spreadsheet detailing the names and respective number of volumes of different manga in our library, as well as what shelf they are on. Ask our librarians if you need assistance in finding the one you’re looking for!


Download the library spreadsheet here!