It wouldn’t be PSAO if we didn’t have member artwork! ┬áCheck out some of the awesome work our members have done over the years, from mascot designs, to t-shirts, to so much more!


Buttons by Samantha Lavan


Buttons by Lisa Hor


Catgirl Mascot by David Kim (2015)


Gaming Mascot by David Kim (2015)


Chibi Mascot by Crystal Zhang (2009)


P’SAO-chan┬áby David Kim (2015)


Shy Mascot by David Kim (2015)


Website Mascot by Emily Ficner (2005)


Updated Mascot by Lisa Hor (2012)


Original Mascot by Maseiya (2004)


Forum Mascot by Maseiya (2006)


T-Shirt Design by Abby Assetto (2009)


T-Shirt Design by Vinh Duong (2009)


T-Shirt Design by Lauren (2013)


Setsucon Button by Lisa Hor