Q: Who goes to competition?
A: We try to bring as many contributing team members as we have money in the budget to bring. Anyone who is eager to learn and comes to help work on the car a significant amount will be considered.

Q: How fast is the car?
A: The top speed is roughly 100mph. 0-60 mph goes by in less than 4 seconds.

Q: Can I drive the car?
A: Only if you join and contribute a significant amount to the team.

Q: Where are we located?
A: The basement of the Sackett Building at Penn State.

Q: How has the team done in the past?
A: At the 2018 competition, we finished 26th out of 136 teams.

At the 2019 competition, we finished 79th out of 136 teams.

Q: Where do you compete?
A: We compete at Formula SAE Michigan, Formula SAE North, and we will soon compete in Formula Student events across Europe.

Q: When are the competitions?
A: They start typically around the week after finals and end when we get back to school for the fall.

Q: Why don’t you run a turbo?
A: Lots of reasons. Ask a member about it.




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