Date of origin – September, 2009

  1. Name and Purpose
  2. The name of this organization shall be The Penn State Society of Engineering Science, hereinafter referred to as the “Society.”
  3. The purpose of the Society shall be:

(1)   To provide students interested in Engineering Science with a medium for the exchange of ideas among students, faculty, alumni, professionals in industry, and others active in Engineering Science.
(2)   To provide increased opportunity for contact among Engineering Science students and faculty.
(3)   To enable students of Engineering Science to become more aware of opportunities for graduate studies and vocations, the nature and purpose of the curriculum in Engineering Science, and modern trends in Engineering Science.

  1. Membership
  2. The membership shall be divided into “active” and “associate” members.
  3. Only active members may hold office, vote, preside, officiate, or solicit funds on behalf of the organization.
    2.     Only currently registered students are eligible for active membership.
    3.     All others interested in furthering the purpose of the Penn State Sample Organization – including, but not limited to – faculty, staff, and community members, are eligible to be associate members.
  4. At all times, the majority (50%+1) of all active members shall be full-time undergraduate students at University Park.
  5. At all times the Society must maintain a membership of at least 10 active student members.
  6. The Society reserves the right to expel a member who is grossly violating the policies or values of the organization.  Procedure for such a vote is outlined in Article V.
  7. In the case of violations of constitutional policies and/or a conflict between members within the Society, the highest ranking officer that is not involved in the conflict – with the assistance from the advisor (if applicable) – will facilitate an informal mediation procedure.  The mediator shall:
  8. Arrange for a mediation meeting outside of the regular organization business meeting.
    2.     Explain his or her role as the impartial party and the objectives of the mediation.
    3.     Set ground rules.
    4.     Allow each party to express his or her views by allowing the conversation to go where the parties wish it to go.
    5.     Collect any available resources that might assist in the resolution (financial documents, emails, photos, etc.).
    6.     As a third party, refrain from suggesting resolutions but rather leave the responsibility for the resolution with the parties involved.
    7.     Facilitate goal setting to reach a win-win resolution.
  9. New Membership and Recruitment
  10. Any and all new members will be given full disclosure during recruitment, including but not limited to the disclosure of:
  11. New Membership Manual
  12. Schedule of New Member Events and Activities
    c.     A list of responsibilities
    d.     A copy of the University Hazing Policy, prescribed by Policies and Rules for Student Organizations (these documents will be available upon request by the Office of Student Activities).
  13. All members – including, but not limited to, new members and recruits – reserve the right to refrain from participating in any activity of the Society due to personal/religious beliefs, personal values, or moral reserve, without consequence.
    3.     Any and all interaction/activity between members and/or new members will be limited to guidelines stated by university policy, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

III.          Officers

  1. Only full-time, officially registered active student members shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers.
  2. Only undergraduate students shall be eligible to serve as officers.
  3. Offices
  4. The Society shall at all times maintain the following offices:  President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Chair.
    2.     The President is the spokesperson for the Society. The President will preside at all meetings and is ultimately responsible for all official business of the Society.
    3.     The Vice-President shall be responsible for maintaining the membership of the Society and inducting new members.  He or she will also serve as President when the President is unable to do so.
    4.     The Treasurer shall be responsible for all finances of the Society.
    5.     The Secretary shall maintain the minutes of meetings of the Society, post notices of meetings to all members, and keep a file of all relevant Society documents.
    6.     The Social Chair shall be responsible for organizing and promoting the social events of the Society.
  5. SES Envoys
  6. The Society shall also maintain a group of “SES Envoys” who will serve as the Society’s liaisons to the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics and the College of Engineering.
    2.     Envoys will be responsible for conducting tours for prospective Engineering Science students and assisting with events held by the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics and the College of Engineering.
    3.     There shall be no limit to the number of Envoys the Society may have at any given time.  Any active member can become an SES Envoy simply by informing an officer of his or her interest and receiving approval from the President.
  7. Meetings
  8. The Society shall meet at least two times per semester.
  9. Adequate advance notice must be given to all active members.
  10. The President with the consent of the Vice President may change meeting frequency.
  11. Members shall be notified of all meetings by e-mail.
  12. The President may call special meetings should he or she see fit.
  13. Voting
  14. Only active members may vote.
  15. Quorum for voting on general business, elections, and amendments to the constitution shall be thirty percent of the active membership.  Quorum for voting on the expulsion of a member shall be fifty percent of the active membership.
  16. A simple majority shall be necessary for general business items and elections. This majority shall be derived from the active members present.
  17. A super-majority of sixty percent of those present shall be necessary for approval of any amendment to this constitution.
  18. A super-majority of seventy-five percent of those present shall be necessary for the expulsion of a member of the Society.
  19. Finances
  20. All organizational funds are to be deposited and handled exclusively through the Associated Student Activities (ASA) in 240 HUB.
  21. This organization will not have an off-campus account of any kind.
  22. This organization shall collect dues that will not be excessive.
  23. The treasurer, with the consent of the president will determine dues.
  24. Dues shall be collected annually.
  25. The officers of the Society may not spend more than $50 of Society’s funds without the approval of the general membership.

VII.         Elections

  1. Nominations and elections shall take place during the Society’s first meeting following spring break.
  2. This meeting shall be publicized in the meetings preceding it and through an email to the members.
  3. Elections procedure:
  4. Elections shall be presided over by the highest-ranking officer that is not eligible for an office the following semester.  If no such officer is present, any active member that is ineligible for an office the following semester shall preside over elections.
    2.     No one involved in conducting the elections may be an official candidate.
    3.     Nominations and voting will both take place for a single officer position before nominations can be taken for the next.  Elections shall take place in the following order:  President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Chair.
    4.     Any active member can nominate any other active member for an officer position.  Self-nominations are also permitted.
    5.     Voting shall be carried out by secret written ballots or simple hand-raising, at the discretion of the presiding member.  Each active member shall have one vote per office.
    6.     If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the candidate with the lowest number of votes shall be dropped from consideration, and the active members shall vote again.
    7.     In the event of a tie, the ballot will be recast.
  5. All officers serve for a term of one year, beginning on the last day of finals of the spring semester and ending the same day the following year.  The period between elections and the end of the semester shall serve as a turnover period.
  6. Unexpected Vacancies
  7. In the case of an unexpected vacancy, nominations and election of a replacement shall take place at the next meeting.
    2.     The members shall be informed of the vacancy and upcoming election by email.
    3.     The elected replacement shall serve the remainder of the term of the officer whom he or she is replacing.
    4.     An officer who graduates after the fall semester shall relinquish his or her office upon graduation, even if he or she remains at Penn State as a graduate student.  This situation shall be treated as an unexpected vacancy.

VIII.       Amendments to the Constitution

  1. Amendments to this constitution may be introduced at the conclusion of any meeting. Voting shall occur at the meeting following its introduction, with the amendment taking effect following Office of Student Activities approval.
  2. Any member may introduce a constitutional amendment at the conclusion of any meeting. At the following meeting, the active members shall vote on the amendment, as outlined in Article V. If the amendment passes, it shall be sent to the Office of Student Activities for approval.
  3. All amendments are subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities.
  4. Parliamentary Authority
  5. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, by Sarah Corbin Roberts shall be used in all cases not covered by this constitution.
  6. Accessibility of this Constitution
  7. Copies of this constitution shall be made available to anyone upon request.
  8. Advisor
  9. The Society will retain an advisor at all times. The advisor will be a full-time Faculty or Staff member of The Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus and will be chosen by the organization.
  10. The advisor must be a Faculty or Staff member within the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics.
  11. The Society will choose an advisor through a majority vote