William Barker



About: I am a senior in engineering science earning a minor in nanoelectronics. I work in Dr. Lenahan’s Semiconductor Spectroscopy Laboratory and am currently studying the switching mechanism in resistive random access memory. I have presented original work from a variety of projects in Palo Alto, State College, and in Milan. After graduation, I will remain at Penn State for graduate school.

Amanda Kelly

Vice President


About: I am a senior majoring in Engineering Science, and pursuing two minors in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. I am currently involved in research concerning optical fiber sensors in superconductor applications. At Penn State, I am also heavily involved in THON as a family relations chair for my organization as well as on the rules and regulations committee. I am also a member of the Blue Band.

Noah Brous



About: I am a senior engineering science student pursuing my masters degree at The Pennsylvania State University. My senior thesis is on cadmium telluride used in solar cells. Outside of school I love to solve Rubik’s cubes, hang with friends and stay in shape!

Lauren Katch

Student Resources Chair



Thomas Schranghamer

Web Coordinator                               


About: I am a senior in engineering science pursuing a minor in nanotechnology. I work with Dr. Das at the Materials Research Institute on electronic devices made with two dimensional materials. My senior thesis is on the effects of neutron radiation on two dimensional materials for consideration in space and nuclear reactor applications.  Following graduation, I will be remaining at State College for graduate school.

Emily Trageser



Brendan Kelly and Kiran Judd
Co-Social Chairs

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About Brendan: I am from Northeast Philadelphia. I like sports, football and hockey in particular. I also research shape memory alloys with Dr. Reginald Hamilton here at Penn State.                                                                                                                                                                About Kiran: I am a senior pursuing a degree in Engineering Science and a minor in Engineering Mechanics. I chose to pursue a degree in Engineering Science, because from a young age I had always wanted to follow in the footsteps of both my grandfather and my mother. My mother and grandfather both got their PhD’s in Engineering Science and went on to become professors in the department at Penn State. For the past two years I have worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant under the guidance of Dr. Timothy Eden at the Applied Research Laboratory. My senior thesis is studying multifunctional biocompatible bioceramic coatings that are deposited by cold spray.