Research in the NSF REU involves the development and study of novel nano-scale, structured materials.  Faculty hosting students study condensed matter physics using new materials (electrical, optical, quantum mechanical properties), develop new ways to create them using chemistry or nano-fabrication techniques, and investigate engineering applications.  The research goals within each individual lab can involve projects related to physics, engineering, and chemistry and are highly interdisciplinary due to our strong collaboration with the Center for Nano-scale Science. An abbreviated list of research topics and professors who host undergraduate research in those fields is listed below. Notice there is a lot of overlap:

  • nano-materials (nano-particle, nano-scale structures) chemistry ( Terrones, Sen)
  • computational condensed matter and materials physics (Sofo, Crespi, Dabo,  Chen, Fichthorn, Rechtsman)
  • nano-fabrication for materials synthesis and physics (Trolier-McKinstry, Zhu, others)
  • 2D material design and novel physics (Trolier-McKinstry, Samarth, Zhu, Robinson, Chang, Terrones)
  • 2D nano-materials imaging (Alem, Hudson, others)
  • optical and opto-electronic materials physics, chemistry and engineering (Giebink, Rechtsman, Gopalan, Robinson)
  • novel electrical and quantum properties of 2D and nano-materials (Samarth, Zhu, Terrones, Trolier-McKinstry, Mohney,Li, Hudson, Y. Liu,  Robinson, X. Liu (theory) )
  • chemistry and physics of novel nano-structured materials (Keating, Velegol, Shaak, Badding, Cremer)
  • quantum and magnetic properties of nano- materials like spintronics (Samarth)

What research projects do students do?
Below are some highlight slides  showing research projects from former students with involved faculty: