Summer Schedule 2012

Event                                         Date                               Location
Paperwork                          W, May 30, 9:30-12:00            104 Davey
Opening meeting                 W May 30, 9:30-12:00             S-5 Osmond
Pizza Lunch                       W, May 30, 12:00-1:00             S-5 Osmond
Meeting with mentors          W, May 30, 1:00-2:00               S-5 Osmond
Chemical Safety Training     W. May 30  10:30-12 pm          312 Osmond,online component
Library Info Session            Th,May 31 at 3pm                    201 Davey (PAMS Library)
First weekly seminar           Th May 31 at 4pm                    pavilions by the corner of Univ. Drive and Park Ave.
Background Survey              Friday June 1                         Online Link in Angel
Machine Shop/ Safety Training    June 4,5,6,11 or 12  9:00AM -4:00PM    001 Osmond
REU Seminar                     Th, weekly, 3:00 ish                  S-5 Osmond
REU Teambuilding              W, June 13, 4:00 (food at 5pm)   Sunset Park
Project Description             F, June 15, before 5:00              Submit Online
1st Progress survey            F, June 15, before 5:00              Link in Angel
NanoFab Tour                    TBA                                          MSC
Ethics Training deadline     Th, June 28 3 pm                 bring print-out to meeting
Trip to Philly                      Tues July 3                               The Franklin Institute
4th of July Fest                 Wed July 4                                Beaver Stadium
Arts Fest Training              Mon. July 9 6-8pm                      117 Osmond
Arts Fest                          July 11-15                                  Downtown/PSU
 Arts Fest Booth                W, July 11                                 Old Main Lawn
2nd Progress survey          Th, July 12, before 3:00 pm           Link in Angel
Nuclear Reactor Tour          T.  July 17 9 AM                        Meet here
Submit title and abstract    W, July 18 before 5:00 sharp!       Submit online
Submit Poster                  W, July 25, before 5:00  sharp!      Submit online
Submit Talk                      T,July 31 5:00 sharp!                    Submit online
Submit Highlight Slide       W, August 1, before 5:00             Submit online
Short Presentations          Th, August 2                               Chambers
Poster Session                 Th, August 2                               Hub Heritage Hall
Last meeting (PIZZA)         F, August 3, 12pm                      S-5 Osmond
Students depart                 F, August 3                               104 Osmond (return keys)


Time                   Date             Room           Professional development/ Scientific speaker

3:00 – 5:00         May 31st          201 Davey (PAMS Library)     3:00 library info session –3:30 ice cream social

3:00 – 4:30         June 7th         S-5 Osmond       3:00–3:30 Prof. Mauricio Terrones (Exploring the Carbon Nanoworld and Beyond)

3:00 – 4:30        June 14th        S-5 Osmond       3:00 Writing Email– 3:30 Prof. Tom Mallouk (Nanomaterials in One Dimension – Exploring Mesoscopic Phenomena with Nanowires)

3:00 – 5:00        June 21st        S-5 Osmond      GWIS about grad school panel

3:00 – 4:30        June 28th       S-5 Osmond      3:00 Kristin Dreyer (Franklin Institute/MRSEC)– 3:30 Prof. Eric Hudson   (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of High Temperature Superconductors)                     

3:00 – 4:30        July 5th         S-5 Osmond      3:00 Preparing a Highlight Slide– 3:30 Prof. Coray Colina

2:45-4:30          July 12th        S-5 Osmond       3:00 Prof. Theresa Mayer –4:00 Poster Preparation

2:45-4:30          July 19st        S-5 Osmond      3:00 Presentation Preparation–3:30 Prof. Christine Keating

2:30-4:30          July 26th        S-5 Osmond      2:30 Practice talks–3:30 Prof. James Adair