The Picture Post Project is a citizen science program that allows for monitoring of the environment and sharing of observations and discoveries through digital photography (see this one-minute video for an overview).  As part of the NASA-funded Digital Earth Watch (DEW) program, students and organizations across the United States are monitoring local environmental changes and contributing to a larger science network by utilizing an 8-sided platform for taking repeat photographs of the entire landscape and an “up” picture of the sky.

At Penn State Brandywine, we have established four Picture Post sites across the campus, with their locations determined by future campus development projects.  We are taking weekly photos to establish an environmental baseline of the campus landscape and to document future environmental changes pre- and post-construction.  We started taking digital photos on campus May 27, 2014, and we will continue well past the completion of construction to continue to look for changes.  As a result, we have a rich database that not only contributes to scientific research but can serve as a foundation for student inquiry-based projects.

Learn more about our photos and measurements, and how you can explore the images for yourself.

WE ARE… creating the first Pennsylvania Picture Post sites to observe environmental changes from both natural impacts and human activities.

WE ARE… learning more about our own local campus environment and its place in Earth’s systems.

WE ARE… conducting environmental science research at Penn State Brandywine and encouraging YOU to contribute to our work!