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The End and the Beginning

It is hard to believe how fast these summer weeks went by. We have learned an incredible amount about the process behind the research and engaging in flexible opportunities. The end of our official PIRE experience leads us to the beginning of a new semester of school....

Double Feature

So this week will be a double feature, including updates for two weeks. The amount of participants I have tested has steadily grown and I get so excited seeing all the data I have to analyze. Although I am still nowhere near reaching my goal (I'm hoping to test at...

Changes and updates

This week we decided to splice the a and e items so that they will be identical in the trials (except for the onset vowel).  We also piloted the 4IAX task with our partner lab in Spain and got some preliminary data so that we can make the appropriate changes to the...

Week 9: Thank You PIRE

I completely lost track of time with this project, and it has been such an enriching experience. I can't believe the official time is over. I am so thankful for PIRE research coming when it did. It gave my summer some sense of normalcy in a very new and different...

Week 8: Quite an opportunity

I can’t believe it’s our last “official” week of PIRE. On the bright side, we recently received news that we will be able to continue collecting data into the fall. Thank goodness! I am so thankful to be able to continue running this study and see how much data I can...

Newfound Motivation

I made a considerable amount of progress this week. I finally finished trimming the sentences for the main experiment and now I’m working on programming the task in Gorilla. I did a lot of work in Gorilla when I was programming the norming study, so this time around I...

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