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Back to Bogotá

Coming back to Bogotá almost feels as if we never left. We jumped right back into our routine by going to our favorite places and testing participants at Instituto Caro y Cuervo again. It was so heartwarming seeing everyone at the Institute and reuniting with them. We...

Halfway Done!

This past week was quite eventful, for both our work life and our social life! Our weekend started with a trip to the United States Botanic Garden, where we saw so many beautiful flowers and plants, and even got to try some raw local honey (it was crazy sweet!) We...

Wrapping Up

Here we are in the final week of my stay in the Netherlands. The experiment is finally running smoothly after many errors but all in all it was a great learning experience. Today I met with a professor to talk about my experiment and we discussed why teaching how to...

Back to sweater weather

Going from a real feel of 104 degrees to 55 degrees takes a toll on the body (summer colds are no fun). It amazes me how incredibly different the climate is between the three places we have traveled to in Colombia. Last week I was sitting on a porch sweating, and this...

A Different Life

These past couple of weeks have really flown by. Our week in Medellín was absolutely phenomenal. Being able to meet up with the other PIRE students and having them live across the hall from us was such a welcoming sight. The climate in Medellín was so incredibly...

A different kind of trivia night!

What a great week it has been in DC! Unbelievable to think that there are only four weeks left here. This week we continued to explore, participated in an unique game night, and did more data analysis! Last Friday after work, we went to visit the United States Botanic...

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