Why we should be smiling more

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I am a smile kind of person. I smile all the time, every day, at everyone. Sometimes people smile back, other times, they don’t. If anything, sharing a quick smile with a stranger makes me really happy inside, I just shared a small, happy moment with someone I might never ever know again. I don’t get offended when people don’t smile back, just mildly confused. Are you having a bad day? Do you just think I creep you out? Is there something in my teeth?

Something as simple as a smile can mean so much so someone going through a rough patch, so to me, smiling is something I think everyone should be doing. In my opinion, if someone smiles at you and they aren’t a killer clown, take the half second to smile back. They might need it as much as you do!

I googled why people should smile more, and here are some of the ideas I found that I liked:


  1.  “Smiling can improve your mood.” YES! 100% I agree with this statement. Enhancing a positive feeling by completing a muscular motion can “trick” our brains into accepting that positive feeling. This means that smiling can make you feel better, and me feel better!
  2. Smiling builds community. This is one of my favourite reasons why we should smile. One small, teeny tiny act of kindness to a complete stranger builds a culture of happiness, and friendliness, ultimately growing a community.
  3. Smiling makes us look less scary, and more approachable ! A 2004 PENN STATE study discovered that employees who smiled more were more likely to report positive experiences from their customers. It can improve sales and again, develop healthy customer business relationships.

To balance this post, I found another article, titled “Why Smiling Too Much Can Be Bad For You”, where the opinion expressed was that smiling showed human weakness, and made one a target for being taken advantage of. This post also looks into the dangers of fake smiles, and trying to hide one’s true emotions; pretending to be happy when they are not.


Personally, I do not think that smiling makes us weak, although I do agree that pretending to be fine when you’re not is not healthy. In my opinion, we all should smile more, and not be afraid to smile at strangers. And if a stranger smiles at you, don’t be afraid to smile back!

2 thoughts on “Why we should be smiling more

  1. I love this story Dana. I think it touches on something that is easy to forget which is simply to smile. The style is simple and to the point which I think works well with the straightforward message of the story as a whole. The only other things I would add would be to add another link to a survey/test that could support the claims you make about smiling and why it is so good for us in the first place. I would also delve into more detail about how and why we smile in the first place and how that can relate to the way we view ourselves. Other than that it was a good post and I look forward to what you have to say in the future.

  2. This article made me smile so mission accomplished! On a more serious note, I agree with you! We should all smile more to appreciate the little things in our lives! This post came across as very “you” because you are a very upbeat, happy person and I’m very glad that you make everyone so happy. I don’t know why you included the part about why smiling is bad, but overall I really enjoyed the post, great work!

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