Paul Markowski has a broad range of teaching interests, from synoptic meteorology to mesoscale meteorology to computer programming and technical writing.  In the recent past, he has taught mesoscale meteorology (METEO 414), the graduate-level synoptic meteorology class (METEO 512), first-year seminar in the Earth & Mineral Sciences (EMSC 100S), and a general education course on severe and unusual weather (METEO 5).

Mesoscale Meteorology in Midlatitudes (Wiley, 2010) is a textbook written with Prof. Yvette Richardson.  They are grateful for the support of all of you (too many to list) who bug-tested “beta versions” of the book in their classrooms.  As with any first edition, there are bound to be some minor glitches (some introduced by us, some by the typesetter, and some even after we had reviewed the proofs).  A list of known bugs is available here: Errata.

If you’re an atmospheric science student and are not familiar with the MIT fluid mechanics films (released ~1961), you need to be.  These are now over a half-century old, but they are classics.  I still rely on them heavily.  Here’s a link to them: