Recap Math as a Second Language Day #2 (August 1, 2017)

We began with the burning questions and explained that more practice with fractions is to come and that the idea of raising the expectations for our classwork and homework will be addressed later today with a Ted Talk.

In working through Block #2 we had some good discussion about adding positive and negative numbers – when the commutative property works and how to use compensation when adding.  The adjective and noun theme also helped ensure that we were adding quantities with the same nouns or units.

There was some discussion about the level of homework and the ability of students to complete our homework successfully.  The idea that maybe the collaboration in the classroom is helpful in the completion of the work and that the grit and time to focus at home could be an issue.  We wanted to make sure though that we are preparing them sufficiently in the classroom.  We watched a Ted talk by Dan Meyer about rethinking the types of questions we ask and how too much scaffolding and building a pathway for our students can hinder their success in persevering in problems that the real world presents.  There was an acknowledgement that his method requires more time that is often available in our days.

We ended class with the unresolved problem called the handshake problem.  It will be resolved tomorrow – I promise.  Maybe sleeping on it will allow people more time to struggle productively with this problem.


Read the reference pages and record any questions.

Read Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg.

Write the problems explained on page 8 of Block 2.

And I found these interesting websites about improving our students’ ability and mastering of the number line – it is a concept that we continue to build on:

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