Information from Chase about assessments

– A product of Pearson (so is the EnVision Series)
– Reading, Language arts, and Math assessments.
– Two math assessments
– M-CAP Concepts and application probes (5th-grade ex. attached)
– M-Comp Computation (5th-grade ex. attached)
– 8-minute tests assessed multiple times throughout school year.
– Students start with question 1 and move forward until the time is up.
– They complete what they can, and skip what they do not know.
– Focused on showing what the students know, and not what they don’t know.
– Data throughout the year should show grow as students conquer more and more skills.
– Operation/Skill each question assesses does not change. Question one will always assess the same skill, however, the situation (word problem) and values used will change.
– Questions they have answered correctly before, they should get right again…
– Compare to national data, students in bottom 25% move down one grade level until they reach their instructional level.

(Math and reading diagnostic test and intervention)
– Diagnostic test is “Adaptive”
– Adjusts the level of difficulty of the question, while still assessing the same skill, to accurately assess the students grade level ability through understanding what the students can be successful at.
– Great for diving into student data, and understanding student grade level equivalency for the skills (Fluency – mid4th grade or early5th)
– Students must take test seriously, to receive credible data

The learning Odyssey/Odyssey Math/Compass Learning
(All names for the same thing)
– I believe I heard my principal say it cost 3,000 for our teachers at our school (pretty small school (15 teachers?))
– Provides each skill with cartoon instructional/situational videos, and multiple choice problems.
– Lets students learn through educational games.
– Gives students brain breaks, and mini games every 15 minutes or so, to break up work and increase stamina.
– As a teacher, you can “Build a Pathway” to mastery of standards
– All subjects available

Khan Academy
– I am a huge advocate of this program,
– There is no diagnostic test
– Each grade level is broken up into a series of skills (100-120 per grade) derived from the common core standards and sequenced in order according to math strand (Number sense, measurement, geometry…)
– You can create an account for each student, track their progress as they practice, level up, and finally master skills.
– Each question is accompanied by a video and hints if needed.
– The data piece is great
– Can look at class or individual data
– see what skills students have mastered, which they need work in, look at how many problems they have attempted in each skill, time they took took to answer, and percent correct.
– Free!Chase’s materials-1d43cms

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