About PMI at Penn State Brandwyine

We are happy and proud to offer at Penn State Brandywine, in July 2016, the Pennsylvania Mathematics Initiative Workshop, started at Penn State University Park in 2013. Our location will facilitate the access of the Philadelphia area school districts and teachers to this Workshop.

PMI is committed to:

  • Improving mathematical education for children in Pennsylvania schools.
  • Strengthening the understanding and implementation of mathematics, enabling teachers to make better-informed pedagogy decisions.

PMI will:

  • Close the gap between mathematical training for teachers and the demands of the contemporary mathematics classroom.
  • Promote teachers’ expertise in mathematics and mathematical thinking.
  • Develop teacher-leaders to aid other math teachers within their districts.

For some history of the PMI at Penn State, visit the PMI main site.

Penn State Brandywine shares in the University’s international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and service. It is a suburban, undergraduate campus located on over 110 acres on the western side of the greater Philadelphia region, and enrolls approximately 1600 students. At Penn State Brandywine our academic programs offer students a range of knowledge and skills as they prepare for careers in the global arena. With more than 160 Penn State majors that can be started at Penn State Brandywine, and completed at University Park or another Penn State location, Brandywine offers 12 baccalaureate degrees, 11 minors, associate degrees, and a variety of special programs that can be completed right here at Brandywine.

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