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Beginning September 4th

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Meeting 1 Recap: Spring 2019 (1/16/19)

The semester kicked off with a great start with initials tournament that the club holds this year. We would like to thank everyone that came out to that meeting. It has been a while since the club released an article, so to those who are unfamiliar, we will be trying...

Pokken Tournament Highlights 1/24/18

  This past week we had our first official Pokken Tournament of the semester. This time, it featured our New Nintendo Switch! For those of you unfamiliar with Pokken, Pokken is a fighting game based on Tekken, but featuring your favorite Pokemon Characters. The...

PSPC: Pokémon to Build Around

Individual Stand-Outs Zygarde Type: Ground/Dragon Stats: 108/100/121/81/95/95 Ability: Aura Break Useful Moves: Thousand Arrows, Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Coil, Substitute, Dragon Tail Sample Sets Zygarde @ Choice Band Ability: Aura Break EVs: 4 HP / 252...