This past week we had our first official Pokken Tournament of the semester. This time, it featured our New Nintendo Switch!

For those of you unfamiliar with Pokken, Pokken is a fighting game based on Tekken, but featuring your favorite Pokemon Characters. The game was originally released as an arcade game in Japan, but by popular demand, it was brought to the Wii U in March 2015. The game was then rereleased in September 2017 as Pokken DX, featuring the addition of Empoleon, Darkrai, Scizor, Croagunk and Decidueye. On January 31, Pokken releases a DLC featuring Aegislash and some new supports. Blastoise is also coming soon this March!

The tournament was super close, and featured a lot of very close matches. During the preliminary rounds, Austin F. defeated Sherif, only to lose to Geoff the next round. In an epic rematch, though, Sherif was able to defeat Austin and qualify for the final battle. Despite his best efforts though, he ultimately lost to Max who had gone undefeated the entire tournament. Congratulations to Max, and great job all who played!

Looking to practice or try a new character, come stop by our office hours and use our Switch. We will also have Pokken Free Play available during select meetings throughout the semester.