The semester kicked off with a great start with initials tournament that the club holds this year. We would like to thank everyone that came out to that meeting. It has been a while since the club released an article, so to those who are unfamiliar, we will be trying to release several articles a month to recap what happened in recent meetings. For this semester we are making changes to how the club interacts with social and competitive events. The social leaderboard shows how active members are in the club. By showing up to a weekly meeting or any club sponsored event you will gain a point in the social leaderboard. The competitive leaderboard shows how well members do in our weekly tournaments. For participating in each tournament you will receive one point. For members who do well in the tournament, points will be rewarded. An additional five, three, two, and one points will be given for those who place first, second, third, and fourth respectively.

As stated before, our first tournament of the semester was the initials tournament.  Each player in the initials tournament brought a team of three Pokémon. The first letter of each Pokémon’s name corresponded to one of the three initials of their trainer.  With such a restrictive format we usually see some creative sets on most teams, and this meeting was no exception. In the fifth and final round, Peter faced off against Eric to determine the winner of the tournament.  Peter brought a fairly standard Mega Pinsir and Delphox, but the crown jewel of his team was his Choice Band Zygarde-10%. This Zygarde was trained to be able to outspeed and weaken the opposition to enable Pinsir or Delphox to clean up after its wake of destruction.  Peter’s creative team building and skillful play resulted in his being undefeated and earning himself a total of six competitive points for the first meeting. Above all else, Peter became the proud owner of a chunky Pikachu plush wearing a hat.

Stop by our weekly meeting at 13 Huck Life Science at 8:00 pm on Wednesdays to participate in many more fun and crazy events. You can also receive weekly email updates from us to stay up-to-date with all events in the club. This can be found under the contact page in our website, or with this linkémonsociety/contact/.