At the Penn State Pokemon Society we hope to make a group where everyone with a love of Pokemon can go to and enjoy all things pokemon. We focus on all aspects of pokemon like the video games, trading cards, the anime, and even fanart. We truly want to make the club a place where people can make great friends and bonds over their shared interests. So, please stop by and check us out.

Meet the Officers

President | Austin Nace

Primary Ability: Mechanical Engineering

Hidden Ability: Undiscovered

Pokédex Entry:

He first picked up the Pokémon series with Sapphire all the way back in Kindergarten. When Austin reached high school, he finally got into competitive Pokémon with Pokémon Y. After seeing a club battle on YouTube, he decided to join the club in his first semester at Penn State. Other interests include music and hockey, especially the Flyers.

Preferred Battle Partner(s): Krookodile, Gengar, Arcanine, Garchomp, and Mega Pinsir

Location: asn5170@psu.edu

Vice President | Matt Kerner

Primary Ability: Security and Risk Analysis

Hidden Ability:  Undiscovered

Pokédex Entry: 

Having discovered Pokemon with the release of FireRed and LeafGreen, Matt has been a dedicated fan of the series ever since. While he remained a casual fan up for many years, upon the announcement of X and Y, he dove head first into the competitive scene.  An avid Little Cup player, Matt expanded to playing a number of Smogon singles formats and occasionally into VGC. Having joined PSPS his sophomore year, he loves being a part of this awesome group of people. Outside of the club, you can find Matt obsessing over Dungeons and Dragons, playing video games, and stressing over school.

Preferred Battle Partner(s): Tapu Bulu, Nidoking, Bewear, Cubone

Location: mvk678@psu.edu

Treasurer | Austin Forcinito

Primary Ability: Physics

Hidden Ability:  Undiscovered

Pokédex Entry: 

As a young child, Austin was forbidden to play video games, but after his cousin introduced him to Sapphire, Austin was never the same again.  It was not until he entered high school that he was introduced to competitive Pokemon, and ever since tenth grade he has been hooked on VGC. He did not join PSPS until his sophomore because of his timid nature, but the club has since introduced him to some pretty cool people.  Aside from Pokemon, Austin devotes his time to playing Smash Bros., being a science nerd, and enforcing the use of the Oxford comma.

Preferred Battle Partner(s): Mawile, Hariyama, Politoed

Location: agf5127@psu.edu

Secretary | Andrew Holden

Ability: Engineering

Hidden Ability: Undiscovered

Pokedex Entry: 

Beginning his Pokemon Journey in 2007 with Pokemon Pearl (He would later go back and play LeafGreen and Sapphire), Andrew has been a devoted trainer ever since. Pokemon X marked the start of competitive career, that led to a lot of time spent breeding and on Pokemon Showdown. After discovering the club at the involvement fair at the start of his freshman year, Andrew joined the Penn State Pokemon Society as soon as he could. When not playing Pokemon, Andrew is often found Bowling or stressing about life in general.

Preffered Battle Partners: Squirtle, Hydreigon, Alolan Ninetales, Zoroark, Flygon and Empoleon

Location: ath25@psu.edu

Social Chair | Chad McDonough

Ability: Electrical Engineering

Hidden Ability: Undiscovered

Pokedex Entry:

In the year 2002, he discovered Pokemon for the first time through the Trading Card Game in his local card shop. He saw these monsters that Pokemon created and fell in love instantly by trying to collect all the cards he could. Then, after a year of playing the card game, he went on a virtual journey through the world created by Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. From then on his love grew through the years for the game he enjoyed very much. He found Penn State Pokemon Society through a friend and began to meet more people who shared his love for the game. Other intrests include but are not limited to running his own YouTube channel, collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, and playing the wonderful and aggravating game Dota 2.

Preffered Battle Partners: Porygon, Porygon 2, Porygon-Z, Ditto, Snorlax and Klinklang

Location: clm6032@psu.edu

Advisor | Sheryl Dykstra

Ability: Chemistry Lecturer 

Hidden Ability: Ph.D.

Pokedex Entry:  See Arceus.  Became the advisor for the PSPS after wearing her Pokewalker to Chem 112 lectures and in Chem 213 labs.  She enjoys playing the video game and trading card game. 

Preffered Battle Partners: Ninetales, Mew, Shaymin, Raikou, Landorus-T

Location: sad270@psu.edu