The event that started it all

Returning Saturday, March 30th

What is the Penn State Pokémon Challenge?

Every semester, our club hosts a FREE 2-day weekend event called the Penn State Pokemon Challenge (PSPC).  This event is meant to mirror the mechanics of the Pokemon games:  earn badges, go on side quests, and challenge the Elite 4.


On Saturday, 8 or 9 gym leaders (or equivalents) are placed around campus.  Their teams are usually mono-typed singles teams, but theme teams, doubles battles, triples battles, and rotation battles have been known to make an appearance.  Challengers have between 8 and 9 hours to roam around campus, complete side quests, challenge the gym leaders, and earn badges.  Those that obtain 7 or more badges earn the right to challenge the Elite 4 on the second day of the event. A more detailed rule set can be found under the PSPC Rules page under the Pokemon Challenge tab at the top. 


On Sunday, the worthy challengers battle through the Elite 4.  A challenger must defeat all four Elite 4 members consecutively to be able to battle the Champion.  If the Champion is defeated, then a new Champion is crowned.  The winner of the event earns the right to be the Champion during the following semester’s event AND get their name on the “Hall of Fame” plaque.


Stay tuned for images and videos that will provide a preview of the event.

No Reigning Champion

Hall of Fame

Peter Demartino

Spring 2018


Tapu Koko