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This One’s for You. (Passion Post 3)

People don’t realize the extent of what their actions can do to a person’s life. They don’t see the significance behind every move that they make; the implications that lie behind every jeer, every offhand comment. I’m not painting the … Continue reading

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Advertising Fiasco (RCL React 4)

Advertisements and the general consumer market have changed drastically over the last few decades. With the advancement of technology, things always have to be jazzier, with more special effects and mind-boggling clarity. They have to be funnier, more engaging. The … Continue reading

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On Appearance (Passion Post 2)

I like to walk in the rain sometimes. It helps me to clear my head. I want you to imagine for a minute. It’s a cool, dreary day- the sort of day when you want to lay around and nap. … Continue reading

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Pre-Speech Jitters, Anyone? (RCL React 3)

I am not a very experienced public speaker. In fact, the idea of talking in front of a large group of people and trying to speak my mind in a way that makes them understand is frankly terrifying! But that’s … Continue reading

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The Act of Persuasion (RCL React 2)

Whenever I find myself in a situation where someone is attempting to sway my opinion, I generally do two things. First, I listen. Are they being open to my opinion on the matter, or are they jamming their viewpoint down … Continue reading

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Being Yourself (Passion Post 1)

Living day to day, there’s always this sense that we should be acting, thinking and looking a certain way. Girls look around as they walk to class and see their female peers dressed in skimpy skirts/shorts, their faces coated in … Continue reading

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