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The Path So Often Forlorn (Passion Post 6)

The road to self-acceptance… it is a thing much more easily spoken than enacted and fulfilled. We all want to love ourselves! We all want to be those confident people who can literally face anything, any day with a grin … Continue reading

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Paradigm Proposal: Mental Illness (RCL React 7)

I’m thinking about writing my paper on the perceptions and treatment of people with mental illnesses over time in America. I’ll most likely do sort of a summary over several centuries, indicating the more important dates and significant shifts throughout … Continue reading

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Self-Acceptance (Passion Post 5)

Aestheticism and its aspect of beauty is something perceived; it is subjective – influenced in others’ eyes by what we wear, how we act, speak, and move; an innumerable amount of things. More often than not, it is bound alongside … Continue reading

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The Intimacy of Rhetoric and Ideology (RCL React 6)

When we first received this assignment, I was perplexed. I always thought I knew the definition of ideology! But for some reason, trying to tie it in with rhetoric had me sitting, mouth agape, staring blankly at my computer screen. … Continue reading

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Stigmatic Overtones (Passion Post 4)

This post is about me and my experiences with Penn State up until this point. It is very tiresome being stigmatized for dressing and acting differently than those around you. I don’t think people realize how much it hurts to … Continue reading

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Aggravating Ads (RCL React 5)

In reaction to the video segment, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” I violently disagree with the ideas set forth by the majority of the interviewees. For instance, the idea of a group of friends meeting in a Starbucks instead of … Continue reading

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Marathon Reading (RCL Bonus 1)

“E Pluribus Unum” – “Out of many, one”. Though we see this quotation in our studies and even on our pocket change, our world really doesn’t fathom the scale and truth behind it. These words come to life- seen in … Continue reading

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