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Hands-On Biology (Passion Post 10)

As I said in my previous passion blog post, I have decided to dedicate my revamped passion blog to one of the most used parts of the body – the hands! Such amazing devices that can perform such a vast … Continue reading

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Handy Dandy… Blog Post! (Passion Post 9)

This semester, I decided to switch up my passion blog a bit. However, when I first came to this decision, I was incredibly stumped as to what I should write about! My brain was literally on the level of stupidity. … Continue reading

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Hot Men and Horrible Media (Civic Issues 1)

In our current society, I think it’s fair to say that we like to try to cut ourselves a break. Yes, it’s true, we still try to tackle important issues such as race, equality, etc. However, a lot of us … Continue reading

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This I believe…

When you close your eyes, what is it that you see? Are there vast, expanding emerald plains, sprouting with thick, flourishing trees? Does each branch pour hundreds of peachy blossoms, navy vines, or curious creatures looming in the shadows? These … Continue reading

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