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Hands.. a Tug at the Heart (Passion Post 15)

Hello again, my friends, and welcome back to our somewhat comprehensive journey with our hands. Again, what this blog is trying to accomplish is to raise awareness of our little friends, and how fortunate we really are to have them. … Continue reading

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They Deserve Respect. (Civic Issues 4)

This week I plan to continue my discussion of gender neutrality, a somewhat controversial topic in society that refers to a person choosing to not associate with a particular gender. This week, I will be focusing on the topic of … Continue reading

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Beat of the Drums… Musically Handy! (Passion Post 14)

WARNING: this post contains ridiculous amounts of animal pictures. This week, our handy dandy adventures will take us to a field that is very well loved by the populace at large (myself included!) Almost everywhere you go, you’ll hear it. … Continue reading

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