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The Real Weight of Truth: An Eye-Opening Perspective on Eating Disorders (Advocacy Project)

I was looking through some magazines, admiring the slender models in the catalog. They could fit into any clothes and look amazing in them… I remember thinking to myself, I wanted to look like them. So I started to try … Continue reading

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Paying Student Athletes Debate (RCL Bonus)

When I attended the Pitt vs. Penn State Debate last Thursday, I was ready for a heated, intense event to shake the ages. And, more or less, I sort of received that. Pitt was on their A-game, and I was … Continue reading

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Touchy Feely (Passion Post 18)

Over this spring semester, I have been writing about the true wonder of the hands and all the amazing things that they’re capable of. As we grow steadily closer to the end of our freshman year (and toward our summer … Continue reading

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The Handedness Debacle (Passion Post 17)

Our hands are truly astounding instruments. They can grip, slap, tug, feel, and everything in between. From our fingertips to our flexible wrists, our hands are by far the most versatile and used part that the body has to offer. … Continue reading

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The End of Posts, But Not of an Issue (Civic Issues 5)

This semester, I wrote about gender neutrality. I wrote about the Swedish, and their very progressive and active role in the debate, from encouraging gender neutral toys for boys and girls, to neutral advertisements and neutral bathrooms. I presented and … Continue reading

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Extra-Credit Deliberation Post (RCL Bonus 3)

The extra credit deliberation that I attended was titled Fifty Shades of Consent and regarded different methods of sexual assault prevention at Penn State. Their different approaches included increasing the number of blue lights on campus (or entirely revamping the … Continue reading

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Hand Crafted! (Passion Post 16)

So, here we are again. Another chapter of our handy adventure, where we explore the truly awesome and wonderful nature of the hands and all that they can do! This week, I’d like to focus on the role that hands … Continue reading

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