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The Real Weight of Truth: An Eye-Opening Perspective on Eating Disorders (Advocacy Project)

I was looking through some magazines, admiring the slender models in the catalog. They could fit into any clothes and look amazing in them… I remember thinking to myself, I wanted to look like them. So I started to try … Continue reading

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Paying Student Athletes Debate (RCL Bonus)

When I attended the Pitt vs. Penn State Debate last Thursday, I was ready for a heated, intense event to shake the ages. And, more or less, I sort of received that. Pitt was on their A-game, and I was … Continue reading

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Extra-Credit Deliberation Post (RCL Bonus 3)

The extra credit deliberation that I attended was titled Fifty Shades of Consent and regarded different methods of sexual assault prevention at Penn State. Their different approaches included increasing the number of blue lights on campus (or entirely revamping the … Continue reading

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THON Debate (RCL Bonus)

When I first considered going to the debate on the potentially harmful nature of THON on student academic success, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Let’s be honest, I was only REALLY going because it counted for extra credit! … Continue reading

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This I believe…

When you close your eyes, what is it that you see? Are there vast, expanding emerald plains, sprouting with thick, flourishing trees? Does each branch pour hundreds of peachy blossoms, navy vines, or curious creatures looming in the shadows? These … Continue reading

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One Last Hurrah (RCL React 9)

At the start of the semester, I really had no idea what “rhetoric and civic life” really meant. I literally looked at the title of the class and searched each word’s definition to sort of piece together what it was … Continue reading

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TED Talk Reflection (RCL React 8)

Making a TED talk of my own really impacted me in a pretty big way. I definitely have a newfound respect for those able to perform in any form of improvisational way… specifically directing this admiration toward those who perform … Continue reading

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Paradigm Proposal: Mental Illness (RCL React 7)

I’m thinking about writing my paper on the perceptions and treatment of people with mental illnesses over time in America. I’ll most likely do sort of a summary over several centuries, indicating the more important dates and significant shifts throughout … Continue reading

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The Intimacy of Rhetoric and Ideology (RCL React 6)

When we first received this assignment, I was perplexed. I always thought I knew the definition of ideology! But for some reason, trying to tie it in with rhetoric had me sitting, mouth agape, staring blankly at my computer screen. … Continue reading

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Aggravating Ads (RCL React 5)

In reaction to the video segment, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” I violently disagree with the ideas set forth by the majority of the interviewees. For instance, the idea of a group of friends meeting in a Starbucks instead of … Continue reading

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