“Tut, Tut, Tut. Naughty, Naughty, You’ll Get Caughty.”

Peeves – “Peeve” means “little devil” or something that “gets on your nerves” (like a pet peeve).

If you’ve never read the books, you’ll have no idea who I’m talking about this entire post, so go sit in a corner and actually read the books. I’m just kidding, I love all Potterheads, whether or not they’ve read all the books or seen all the movies. But Peeves, he’s quite the interesting character. He’s a poltergeist and completely cut out of the movies. When I was younger, I didn’t really realize that he wasn’t, but then when I was rewatching Sorcerer’s Stone after I had just reread the series I realized a great scene was cut out. Harry and Ron (and possibly Hermione) are out and about wandering under Harry’s invisibility cloak when the run into Peeves who immediately assumes (correctly) that it’s students out of bed. In his terror, Harry has one of his few brilliant ideas. He imitates the Bloody Baron (who again you probably wouldn’t know much about without reading), who happens to be the one person who Peeves is terrified of and therefore listens to. Harry tells him the Baron has business in this area and that he should stay away. Problem solved. It’s so great because I always pictured Harry as a little tiny kid with a higher pitched voice and the Bloody Baron as a ruder and meaner version of the Fat Friar (this is probably because he’s the Slytherin House ghost and I assumed everything Slytherin is ruder and meaner than everything else). Now that I think about it more, it might be the night that Draco sets Ron and Harry up for the midnight duel, or it’s when they’re going to save the Stone.

Another great scene that was cut: Fred and George’s last day at Hogwarts. Well, it’s more of a quote than the entire scene, though that it’s pretty great too.

Fred looked across the hall at the poltergeist bobbing on his level above the crowd.
“Give her hell from us, Peeves.”
And Peeves, whom Harry had never seen take an order from a student before, swept his belled hat from his head and sprang to a salute as Fred and George wheeled about to tumultuous applause from the students below and sped out of the open front doors into the glorious sunset.

It’s so great, I wish it had been in the movie. I love Fred and George. Another thing I loved about Peeves was his favoritism of the word “ickle.” It’s not even a word, but it’s hilarious. Also, his songs and poems and weird rhymes. My personal favorite happens to be about Voldemort. “We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter’s the one/and Voldy’s gone mouldy, so let’s have fun!” Never gets old. There were so many others too so if you want to read even more Peeves quotes go to this site. Peeves is also part of making Umbridge’s life hell during Order of the Phoenix. Which makes me love him even more. But I’m a little torn, because he’s so annoying at times, but he’s hilarious.

Normally, I’d go on a mini rant about reasons behind the name, but I think Peeves’ name is pretty obvious. He’s a nuisance. Just like a pet peeve. You can’t get rid of him no matter what (unless you’re the director of the HP movies…). You love him, yet you hate him. He’s definitely a “little devil.”

Fun Fact: Peeves was one of the first characters Rowling created, along with Harry, Ron, Hagrid, and Nearly Headless Nick. She also said that Peeves has been at Hogwarts since its founding – he just “comes with the building” according to Jo.

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And if you have a Pottermore account, you can read even more about Peeves in Book 2, Chapter 8.

“I’ve Been Telling Him To Get A Move On For Days…”

Fawkes (Dumbledore’s phoenix) – Guy Fawkes was an English Catholic who, in 1605, tried to blow up the House of Parliament as an act of rebellion against the new Protestant government. In England, November 5th is now known as “Guy Fawkes Day” (or “Bonfire Night”) where Guy Fawkes is burned in effigy. Every year he is resurrected to burn again. It can also be noted that he is known as one of the most infamous traitors in English history.

Fawkes is probably one of my favorite familiars in the series. It’s probably partially because I find phoenixes so fascinating as it is and partially because I love everything Harry Potter (except the evil stuff, but even still have a little bit of love for it, except Umbridge, no love for her).  He’s so interesting, and while you would think he wouldn’t be important, he is. J.K. doesn’t create characters (or animals) for any old reason. They’re there for a reason and even you don’t realize it at first, it’s there. But anyway, here are some quick thoughts of mine about Fawkes.

At first, I found it ironic that Fawkes is possibly named after Guy Fawkes. (When I first read Harry Potter, it reminded me of fire for some reason, though I had no idea what Guy Fawkes Day was.) The reason I find it ironic is that Guy Fawkes, as it says above, is pretty much the Benedict Arnold of England. Fawkes is one of the most loyal creatures in the series, probably tied with Hedwig and Dobby. Maybe the reason Jo chose Fawkes was because of Bonfire Night and had nothing to do with Guy Fawkes himself. However, I did some more research. Guy Fawkes Day is somewhat jokingly discussed in England whether it’s celebrating the execution of Guy Fawkes, or his attempt to destroy the government. It’s well known that Dumbledore doesn’t like the Ministry and the way it’s run. Fawkes wasn’t the one who came up with the plot; he just followed through because of his loyalty. Fawkes was described as a loyal man with red hair…hmm…Fawkes the phoenix is a loyal bird, unlike many of his kind, and is red. Convenient. I love Jo’s brilliance. Of course, I could be completely wrong here and she just chose a name at random or for a different reason. But that’s just my thoughts (Harry Potter Wiki says it’s a joke about Guy Fawkes because he “explodes” occasionally. I like my explanation better personally).

Fawkes is pretty important as certain times throughout the series, but, at other times, disappears into the crowd of other characters. Obviously, Fawkes gave two tail feathers which ended up in Harry and Voldemort’s wands. The weird thing is that it was extremely unusual for a phoenix to give more than one feather. Why? Well, because if the two wands were to ever meet, then, you guessed it, Priori Incantatem. (For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s what happens in Goblet of Fire when Voldemort and Harry fight in the graveyard and their spells connect and Harry sees images of Cedric, Lily, James, and Frank Bryce. The translation of Priori Incantatem is “previous incantation” so it reproduces the weaker (Voldemort’s) wand’s previous spells. In the book, not only are the “ghosts” present but there is screaming from the Cruciatus Curse that was used on Harry. You can learn more about it here.) Clearly, Jo had it happen on purpose. But why did she pick Fawkes and not just a random phoenix that was never heard from again? Personally, I think it gives more reason why Harry’s wand ultimately defeats Voldemort’s in the graveyard. Because of Harry’s bond to Dumbledore, and through him Fawkes, Harry is a stronger wizard. I’m not sure if that made any sense, but it makes sense in my head. Another time Fawkes plays a big role is in The Chamber of Secrets. Obviously, Harry wouldn’t have defeated the basilisk without Fawkes. Because of Harry’s undying loyalty to Dumbledore, Fawkes comes to his aid. He brings the Sorting Hat, which gives the Sword of Gryffindor, which becomes very important in the 7th book (more evidence that Jo is a genius). Then, after having basilisk venom in his system, Fawkes provides pretty much the only cure to a basilisk bite, phoenix tears. Yet again, convenient. Then, it’s revealed that phoenixes can carry any amount of weight so they all can get out of the Chamber. More convenience. There are obviously many more instances when Fawkes plays important roles, but you can read about these yourself on the Harry Potter Wiki.

My favorite Fawkes moment, though terribly depressing (and wrongly cut out of the movies), is his lament after Dumbledore’s death. It fits perfectly because everyone is in disbelief and it makes them realize that it really happened. Dumbledore is really gone. So devastating, but yet so perfect.

“Somewhere out in the darkness, a phoenix was singing in a way Harry had never heard before; a stricken lament of terrible beauty. […] Harry felt, as he had felt about the Phoenix song before, that the music was inside him, not without … How long they stood there, listening, he did not know, nor why it seemed to ease their pain a little to listen… […] They all fell silent. Fawkes’s lament was still echoing over the dark grounds outside.” (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

It’s a love/hate scene for me because it needed to be there, but it’s another reminder that the greatest wizard is gone forever. After this, Fawkes leaves humans behind and never binds to another, probably because of the pain. Some people wonder why he doesn’t go with Harry, but I think it’s kind of obvious. Though Harry is wonderful, Fawkes has been with wizards for at least 60 years, he’s done. Though he is immortal, he needs to be with his own kind. This kind of reminds me of Harry. Though Harry realizes that Dudley’s awesome and all at the end and knows the muggle world is important to his life, he belongs in the wizarding world and that’s all there is to that.

More about Fawkes here!

No fun quotes this week, since, you know, Fawkes doesn’t talk…but I did come across a tumblr dedicated to Harry Potter related confessions. Some really cool ideas out there. Here’s the link if you’re interested!

“What a Beautiful Place…To Be With Friends.”

Dobby – A fatuous or foolish person. Also, a weave of cloth that is durable and natural-looking. Finer stores still sell shirts made of “dobby” weave.

Oh Dobby, how I love you. I’m not even sure why it is that I find you so adorable, but I do. He’s so innocent, and his love for Harry is just so pure. Some people aren’t quite sure why Dobby loves Harry so much, but it’s one of Harry’s finer qualities: he doesn’t judge based on purity of blood or creature or status, he judges based on the content of their character. Harry is first wizard that Dobby encounters that is actually polite. Dobby practically sobs when Harry asks him to sit down. Dobby reminds me, in a way, of a dog. He’s fiercely loyal; he would do anything to protect those he loves, and even extends this to those that Harry loves as well.

Dobby’s name obviously is perfect. Not really a word you would hear much, but a childish or silly person is exactly what Dobby is. He is ridiculous when punishing himself and when he’s trying to get Harry to stay home from Hogwarts. He blocks the barrier to Platform 9 andd ¾, he practically smashes Harry to pieces with the bludger and so many other things, but he still loves Harry because Harry frees him. Probably one of the best scenes in Chamber of Secrets. Dobby was brought to life exactly how I saw him, even the voice is perfect. I’m going to be completely honest. I sobbed when Dobby died. It was so unfair. I cried when it happened in the movie too and my friends made fun of me. But that’s not the point. Dobby was so wonderful and innocent, but it just goes to show that no one is safe in war, not even the innocent. But it also shows, like this picture says, “Even the smallest of creatures can die a hero’s death.” Dobby was a hero. Even though he would get punished (self-inflicted, of course), he still sought to protect Harry. Even though he would get in trouble for stealing, he still broke into Snape’s store cupboards and got Harry gillyweed (Goblet of Fire – only in the books). Even though it would mean returning to his former masters house and incredible danger for him, Dobby went to save Harry and the others at Malfoy Manor.

Though some found it unnecessary, Dobby is completely cut out of the fourth book. But this is where you find out what Dobby’s been doing with his life since Harry freed him – he works in the kitchens at Hogwarts. Dumbledore pays Dobby and gives him vacation days too. Unfortunately, this doesn’t put him in good favor with the other house elves because they don’t approve of his wages. Dobby, like I mentioned earlier, is the one that gives Harry gillyweed for the Second Task of Triwizard Tournament. Dobby also hints that Ron is what is taken from Harry. Dobby also gives Harry the idea to use the Room of Requirement for Dumbledore’s Army, which later is very important.

Anyway, I clearly love Dobby, yet there are people who don’t see what role he has in the stories at all, but I think it’s clear that Dobby is important. I love him and hated when he died.

More on Dobby here!


Here are some Dobby quotes:


Harry: “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.” Dobby: “Offend Dobby! Dobby has never been asked to sit down by a wizard – like an equal –”


“Harry Potter asks if he can help Dobby … Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir, but of your goodness, Dobby never knew….”


(Lucius) “Come, Dobby. I said, come!”
But Dobby didn’t move. He was holding up Harry’s disgusting, slimy sock, and looking at it as though it were a priceless treasure.
“Master has given a sock,” said the elf in wonderment. “Master gave it to Dobby.”
“What’s that?” spat Mr. Malfoy. “What did you say?”
“Dobby has got a sock,” said Dobby in disbelief. “Master threw it, and Dobby caught it, and Dobby — Dobby is free.”


“Professor Dumbledore offered Dobby ten Galleons a week, and weekends off,” said Dobby, suddenly giving a little shiver, as though the prospect of so much leisure and riches were frightening, “but Dobby beat him down, miss. . . . Dobby likes freedom, miss, but he isn’t wanting too much, miss, he likes work better.”


“Socks are Dobby’s favorite, favorite clothes, sir!”  he said, ripping off his odd ones and pulling on Uncle Vernon’s.  “I has seven now, sir. . . . But sir …” he said, his eyes widening, having pulled both socks up to their highest extent, so that they reached to the bottom of his shorts, “they has made a mistake in the shop, Harry Potter, they is giving you two the same!”


“Dobby is a free house-elf and he can obey anyone he likes and Dobby will do whatever Harry Potter wants him to do!”


“What a beautiful place… to be with friends.”


Bellatrix: “You stupid elf! You could have killed me!”

Dobby: “Dobby never meant to kill! Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure!”

“I Don’t Think You’re a Waste of Space.”

Dudley – An aristocratic surname used as a first name since the 19th Century. Also, a town in one of England’s largest cities – Birmingham. Also, from the meadow.

Dursley – A town near J.K. Rowling’s birthplace.

Dudley? What’s so great about him? Not much, to be honest. He’s a jerk to Harry while they were growing up, but it makes Harry a better person. Dudley is spoiled and obnoxious. Dudley prepares Harry for a magical bully, found in Draco. Eventually, Dudley realizes that Harry is actually a decent person and that he was a jerk all those years. But he doesn’t realize it until they are being separated, and at that point they don’t know if or when they’ll see each other again. Dudley’s shining moment where he tells Harry that he’s not a waste of space is cut from the movie – which is stupid. It’s very important, at least to me.

Dudley’s name clearly has some implications behind it as well. Dudley is spoiled and snobbish, hence aristocratic surname. On Pottermore, Rowling revealed that Dursley was nothing personal because she had never visited, but it the name itself sounded unpleasant to her.

Dudley’s a jerk. Plain and simple. But the thing is he’s just another example of how terrible Harry’s childhood is. He’s also a foil to Harry. They both grow up in the same house, but because of Vernon and Lily’s prejudice towards Harry and his parents, their lives are completely different. When Dumbledore comes and visits in Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore calls Vernon and Lily out on it. He tells them that though they cared for Harry and kept him under their roof, they never once treated him as a son, not even buying him a real birthday present. I think it’s hilarious when Dumbledore says something about the damage done to Dudley and Vernon and Petunia look at him trying to find the damage because they can’t see anything wrong with their perfect son. Another great scene that’s been deleted. In the long run, I think it’s probably for the best that Harry was never treated the same because he learned from a young age that life isn’t always easy. It’d be hard enough to lose your parents, but to not know them and have to live with your evil aunt and uncle…ugh. That’d be terrible.  More proof that Harry is awesomesauce.

Yeah Dudley’s rude at times, but other times, Harry provokes him when he’s angry. In The Order of the Phoenix, Harry is angry at Ron, Hermione, and Sirius  because they aren’t telling him what’s going on and he tries to take it out on Dudley, calling him “Big-D,” “Ickle Diddykins,” and other names. Plus, Dudley always somehow ends up getting the short stick when it comes to magic. I mean, he gets trapped in a boa constrictors cage, he gets a pig tail, Fred and George trick him and give him Ton-Tongue Toffee, and he gets attacked by Dementors, which he can’t even see. I’m sure there are lots more, too. I’m not really defending Dudley, I’m just saying, Harry isn’t exactly innocent in all cases.

More about the Dementor attack. Jo added it for a reason. Dudley, for the first time in his life, sees himself as he really is: a bully and a jerk. From that day on, Dudley changed and it helped him become a better person. Example: in The Deathly Hallows, Dudley leaves a cup of tea outside Harry’s door, but Harry misinterprets it for a prank, but after Dudley thanks Harry for saving his life (soul technically), Harry realizes that Dudley had changed. Jo revealed that Harry makes his kids go visit Dudley’s family every so often even though they find it dull. I think it shows that Harry and Dudley grew up and moved past their differences. (This is something that’s kind of subtly hinted at in the Epilogue; when Ron sees Draco and his family he tells his children to not become friends with Scorpius; in other words, Ron still hasn’t grown up.)

More on Dudley here!

Some Dudley quotes (you can see some progression of his snobbish-ness):

“Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel – Harry often  said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig.”

“Thirty-six. That’s two less than last year!”

“Who on earth wants to talk to you this badly?”

Hagrid: “Meant to turn him into a pig, but I suppose he was so much like a pig anyway there wasn’t much left ter do.”

Harry: “But I haven’t had any messages, from any of my friends. Not one, all summer.” Dudley: “Who’d want to be friends with you?”

Harry: “Hey Big D. Beat up another 10 year old?” Dudley: “This one deserved it.”

“‘Don’t kill Cedric!’ Who’s Cedric? Your boyfriend?”

“Dad – I’m going wit these Order people.”

Dudley: “I don’t think you’re a waste of space.” Harry: “Well…er…thanks, Dudley.” Dudley: “You saved my life.”

“Very Smart Owl You’ve Got There.”

Hedwig – The Saint of Orphans that lived in Germany in the 13th and 14th Century. Means “refuge in battle.” Mentioned in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

You may be wondering, why are you writing about an owl? Well, in case you’re one of those people that’s only ever watched the movies, you don’t realize how important Hedwig is to Harry. As you can see, J.K. Rowling was ever creative in the names that she chose for her characters. The Saint of Orphans? Helloooooo! Harry’s an orphan. Makes sense, right? Refuge in battle? A little more of a stretch, but Hedwig is always there for Harry even if the battle is just a fight between him and Ron. But even more than that, Hedwig saved Harry in the Battle of the Seven Potters. I’m not gonna lie, I cried when Hedwig died. I’m an emotional person, what can I say?

In the books, Harry doesn’t name Hedwig right away, but finds her name in A History of Magic, a book that becomes very important later in the series. More importantly, she’s a present from Hagrid, Harry’s first encounter with the wizarding world that he’s been hidden from. Harry trusts Hagrid with his life and it means so much to Harry because this is the first birthday present that he remembers. Hedwig represents so much to Harry. She’s the constant reminder that everything that happens at Hogwarts is real and she’s the tie between his magical and muggle lives. When Hedwig dies, it’s supposed to represent the loss of Harry’s childhood. Think about it. The journey that Harry goes on, there’s no room for childhood, and there’s no way Harry could have lugged Hedwig around because she would have attracted attention. And, there was no real reason for her to be with him because he cut all ties with everyone except Hermione and Ron.  So, as much as I hate having to admit it, Hedwig had to go. I’ll always love Hedwig though.

In this article, Jo talks about Hedwig. I personally think it would have been kind of cool if Hedwig hadn’t died until later, like at the Battle of Hogwarts. If I didn’t love Neville so much, I would have wanted Hedwig to kill Nagini because I think it could have been symbolic in a few ways. But I’m glad Jo went the route she did, Hedwig swooping in randomly to open the snitch doesn’t seem right, but Harry embracing his fate and kissing the snitch is perfect. Oh, Jo, how wonderful you are.

More on Hedwig here!

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PS, have you heard that Jo said she isn’t done with Harry Potter after all? Maybe the second generation? I hope so. I’m such a Potterhead.

PPS, more reasons to love the Harry Potter fandom: