“Anything’s Possible If You’ve Got Enough Nerve.”

Ginny – “Ginevra,” an Italian female and woman of the people, her name means “Juniper” as in evergreen tree. There is an old myth about a bride named Ginevra, who playfully hid in a trunk on her wedding day. The lid fell, burying her alive; and eventually her skeleton was discovered. This could relate to Ginny being taken into the Chamber of Secrets where her “skeleton would lie forever.” However, J.K. Rowling has also said that she picked the name because she wanted something different and special for the only Weasley girl!

Weasley – From J.K. Rowling’s site weasels were known to have a bad reputation, especially in Ireland, as an unfortunate animal. And well, the Weasleys are unfortunate because they’re poor. J.K. Rowling said: “Ron was the only one of three major characters whose surname never changed; he has been ‘Weasley’ from start to finish. In Britain and Ireland the weasel has a bad reputation as an unfortunate, even malevolent, animal. However, since childhood I have had a great fondness for the family mustelidae; not so much malignant as maligned, in my opinion.” The Weasleys and the weasel both share red hair. The Weasleys live near Ottery St. Catchpole, and it is interesting that a family with weasel in their surname lives near a town that has otter in its name (an otter is a member of the weasel family). Also, in Goblet of Fire, the group all go to Stoatshead Hill to take the Portkey to the Triwizard Tournament. A stoat is another relative of the weasel family.

Let me just tell you, I love Ginny, at least more so in the books. I can’t tell you why, her character just always appealed to me. It really bothers me that so many people dislike and hate on her character, so for this post I’m going to tell my perspective on people’s views. I think part of me like Ginny because I always wanted a brother, not necessarily 6, but a brother nonetheless, so I was a bit jealous.

Ginny’s name is so weird and different and unique and it’s so perfectly her. I think the story of the bride Ginevra is really cool how it parallels the Chamber of Secrets. But J.K. was definitely right when she thought the name was special for the only Weasley girl.


This is honestly one of the best scenes in the movies. So much Weasley love. I’m a Hinny shipper, in case you were wondering.


For those of you who aren’t quite sure what a “Mary Sue” is, go to this website. This upset me. First of all, sure, Ginny isn’t always a central figure, but she’s important, too! Okay, so things sort of happen to Ginny, like the Chamber, but if you think about why that happened, it sort of makes more sense. What I mean is, Lucius gave her the diary, and because she needed a way to let out her feelings, she wrote it down. When she found out her diary was interactive, she went with it. It is the magical world after all. I would do it. How was she, a mere first year, supposed to know that it was possessing her? Ginny definitely has her own personality. She HAD to in order to survive living with all those boys. Sure, she’s stubborn, but again, needed. Ginny is really good at the Bat-Bogey Hex, but that’s what gets her into the Slug Club (so necessary). She’s good at quidditch because she practiced like crazy, without her brothers knowing. Her hair is not unique. She lives in a family of gingers. I’m going to stop now because it just makes me upset. But everything that is important about Ginny has a backing in her childhood really. So, person, your argument is invalid.


Though the idea of marrying a muggle is interesting, it could never happen. Harry hated the muggle word because of living with his aunt and uncle. He never belonged there. Also, I don’t think Ginny is really as shallow as this makes her seem. I think the idea of her brother knowing someone famous is really awesome and so that’s what sparked her interest, sure, but after meeting him, she was like “Merlin, this boy is attractive!” and then was too nervous to speak in front of him because she didn’t want to make a fool of herself. Plus, having a crush on her brother’s best friend is a problem, wizard or not. But I really love Hinny.

Anyway, I like Ginny, but I get that not everyone does, but I feel that Ginny supporters are few are far between. Also, one thing I like about Ginny is that she does “move on” for a bit

For more info on Ginny go here!

For next time, which Hogwarts founder do you want to learn more about first? Godric, Rowena, Helga, or Salazar?

And now, here are some Ginny quotes:

“The thing about growing up with Fred and George,” said Ginny thoughtfully, “is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

“I never really gave up on you. Not really. I always hoped … Hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because I never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? And she thought you might take a bit more notice if I was a bit more – myself.”

Harry: “Ginny, listen… I can’t be involved with you any more. We’ve got to stop seeing each other. We can’t be together.” Ginny: “It’s for some stupid noble reason, isn’t it?” Harry: “It’s been like… like something out of someone else’s life, these last few weeks with you. But I can’t… we can’t… I’ve got things to do now.” Ginny: “…I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting down Voldemort. Maybe that’s why I like you so much.”

“He’s covered in blood again. Why is it he’s always covered in blood?”

“Yeah, the DA’s good. Only let’s make it stand for Dumbledore’s Army, because that’s the Ministry’s worst fear, isn’t it?”

“He saw me hex Zacharias Smith, you remember that idiot from Hufflepuff who was in the DA? He kept on and on asking about what happened at the Ministry and in the end he annoyed me so much I hexed him — when Slughorn came in I thought I was going to get detention, but he just thought it was a really good hex and invited me to lunch! Mad, eh?”

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  1. I feel like the movies also take out a lot of her important parts. During captured by Umbridge/Department of Mysteries thing she was half the reason they got there. In the movies she’s just portrayed as this awkward girl following them around and not really doing much. The movies also took out the quiddich parts too, not letting her get the impressive moments.

  2. AHH i always loved Ginny because she had so many brothers to deal with. I only have two younger brothers, but they are twins, and they are annoying. The fact that Ginny has been able to deal with all of those crazy siblings is awesome and I love her for it.

  3. I think what bothers me most is that people completely blame Bonnie Wright for it, but I don’t think she was given very good material to work with personally. I love her character so much more in the books, but I know what you mean, the scenes were awfully awkward.

  4. I think Ginny partly gets a bad rap because her portrayal in the movies is AWFUL. Every single scene with her and Harry was so awkward it made me just want to leave. She’s not my favorite character of all time but she definitely doesn’t deserve any hate from trolls.

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