What’s In It For You?

Students involved with Penn State Prime will be exposed to a Smeal marketing experience that is new and innovative. Picture this – Prime will help you network with top marketing agencies, equip you with real world experience and skills, while challenging you to spearhead projects outside of your comfort zone! Perfect! We know you can all scribble notes at a desk, but what if you could use your brain while sitting in a beanbag chair? (Beanbag chairs not included at Prime… yet!) This program is specially designed by students, faculty and recruiters to develop the skills in students that are critical in the workplace, but not practiced in the classroom. Its time for you to become highly prepared to obtain your dream job, perform competitively, and make an impact. Let’s face it, some stuff you just can’t learn in a book.

Misson Statement

Prime is an innovative network of students who enhance their marketable skills through competitive projects, interfacing with corporate and community leaders, and the diversification of their co-curricular intelligence.