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Recently, the professor I TA for gave my fellow TA’s and I the option to be dropped off on a random city of his choice, to survive out on our own for the weekend. The catch was you were not allowed a cell phone or any type of cash. To be honest, this concept completely scared me. How could I survive out on my own? Where would I stay? How would I eat? And then it hit me… this is the daily reality of many. And I couldn’t last one weekend? I spoke with the two TA’s who were completing this activity, this learning experience, and they said they planned on working for their housing and food. This means walking throughout town, going to multiple businesses, asking to work, getting accepted to do this (without guarantee of this person staying very long at all), to get training, and for that person to actually go though with their payment. This could be a daunting task! And many of these same questions have to be asked when considering those in poverty throughout the hiring process.