The current political rhetoric has brought the conversation about economic and social inequality into the center of our discussion as a society. Being a project Cahir member, I feel the need to really try to understand the causes behind this effect.

College has only exacerbated the situation

College provides an opportunity to uplift one’s economic status. But, the rising college tuition and costs have created a divide in a student’s ability to sustain himself or herself through time in college. I have heard several accounts of students who have encountered difficulty when faced with economic hardship at Penn State.  The higher education system is very noble in its mission of education but now is failing in a very primary assessment: accessibility to people. The median state funding for student has seen a downward trend that has made it increasingly difficult for students from low-income families to make it to college.

My vision for Project Cahir

Project Cahir has helped Penn State’s vision of promoting an inclusive environment for students irrespective of their socio-economic background, and, with Project Cahir, we work to make this a reality.

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