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Ashna Dabas

Hometown: New Delhi, IndiaIMG_2750

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Business and Liberal Arts

Why she is involved with Project Cahir? Philanthropy has always interested me and ever since I got to Penn State, I have been involved with organizations like UNICEF and participated in fund raisers to help those in need in places like Haiti. Last year, I also started my own organization with a friend as en effort to raise money for salvation army. But all these efforts were only indirect means to bring about change, so I decided to join Project Cahir as it gives me the opportunity to help poverty stricken individuals who do not have the same resources and equal opportunities as everyone, directly. Project Cahir gives me the opportunity to be a small catalyst in an effort to bring everyone on the same level and ensure that no individual is denied the opportunity to learn and gain academic success due to lack of resources.

One of her favorite quotes is “Not all who wander are lost” by J.R.R. Tolkien