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Dhruvish Mehta

Dhruvish Mehta, a fellow Penn Stater whose genuine thoughtful and caring nature inspired him to join Project Cahir. Throughout his three-year with Project Cahir, Dhruvish worked with many teams to implement initiatives providing free textbooks, food and toiletries to students struggling financially. Dhruvish strongly believed that, “Putting two meals on table should be last of any student’s worries.” Hence through Project Cahir, he worked with Lion’s Pantry- a student run pantry that addresses the issue of food insecurity. He was a strong advocate of homeless students, and worked with Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Housing at Penn State to find innovative and practical solutions to address the issue.

Inspired by values instill in him through Project Cahir, Dhruvish has decided to further continue this journey by indulging in social service and philanthropic activities in developing countries. Also, Dhruvish is a talented hip-hop dancer, entrepreneur and a painter who loves promoting art. If you want to say “Hello”:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
~Mahatma Gandhi~