Maika Yanagishita

Hi! I am Maika and I am a Senior at PSU.Maika Yanagishita website photo

I major in Sociology and minor in English and Information Systems and Statistical Analysis.

I enjoy (water-color) painting, running, watching soccer, and reading.

I joined Project Cahir to change State College for the better, and I hope that I can be a part of this team to give creative inputs. I strive to help children and students,because as students we understand that there is already a lot on our plate to worry about education and a financially stable life.
I am especially passionate in volunteering as I have been active in the community since 8th grade. I have built houses with a team in the Philippines, taught children at orphanages and donated stationary/clothing to children in India. Seeing the world from my eyes, I learned that many people struggle to find a place to stay or eat healthy food let alone worry about their education.
I have only been at Penn State for about two semesters, but I can see why Penn Staters always chant “we are…” -this is because we are ONE.
I believe that with a helping hand we can change Penn State, State College, and individual people’s lives.
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