Nadia Napolitano

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela2e972431-9470-455e-a7b0-3b616fe9319f

Major: Psychology with a Neuroscience emphasis

Year: Sophomore
I am a warrior; Physically weaponless, but mentally equipped with all the requisites needed for triumph. Unlike soldiers, I carry my heart in my hand rather than grenades, and when the battle must commence I unlock my compassion and thrust it towards the opponent. As a patron of benevolence, my purpose is not to begin war but to end it. The innate fighter in me cannot relinquish until my voice has been heard.
Becoming part of Project Cahir allowed a familiar phenomenon to grow over me. As a Venezuelan, I have seen the struggles my country, my family, and my friends have faced when confronting issues such as scarcity of resources, poverty, and civil war.  These struggles affect individuals here in the USA on a national and local level as well. Having been able to overcome hardship myself through education, innovation, and motivation I wish to instill these same principles in the lives of those who need it most. If my situation taught me anything it is that the quality of our lives is measured by the amount of lives we impact.
As a Penn State Student, I cannot be silenced from things I am affected by.  Instead, I act and aim to influence, to affect the lives of those we encounter as a group positively. Realizing that there is an organization filled with entitled people continually waging war in the fight against this issues that is so near and dear to my heart, inspired my desire to join. We are part of a bigger purpose, a megaphone amidst a boisterous scene, and this is our chance to hold the loudspeaker and utter words worth being heard.
Favorite Quote : “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoléon Hill
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