Google Applied CS workshop

This Wednesday at 7:00pm ACM will be hosting our first Google Applied CS workshop. This is an event sponsored by Google, and will include free pizza.

The workshop will have each student do the first lesson in the free Google Applied CS online course. The intention of the course is to build upon Computer Science knowledge learned inside the classroom by exposing students to new concepts outside the classroom. Students will learn in a completely hands-on way by building Android Applications. Students will work at their own pace, and we will be there offering help and guidance. 

In addition to teaching the basic of Android Development, the first lesson will also focus on HashMaps and HashSets. Both of these data structures are very important to learn as they are frequently used during interviews at top companies. The earlier you are exposed to these concepts, the better!

Before attending, be sure to follow the steps . It is important to bring a laptop with Android Studio installed so that you may begin programming immediately.

Aiden Chiavatti

President of Behrend ACM

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