Important remarks on Spring 2019 CS/SE course schedule

Dear Behrend Computer Science and Software Engineering students,

As you are starting to register for classes in Spring 2019 semester, I would like to remind you of the following. They might be crucial to your graduation on time in CS, SE major.  I strongly advise you to follow the recommended academic plan(RAP) to take the courses. You can  find them by clicking the links:

Computer Science, B.S. and Software Engineering, B.S.

However, here are some remarks or changes for the Spring 2019 which are not reflected on the RAPs yet. It may affect your schedule in the following years. Please read them carefully.

  1. STAT 301 will be replaced by STAT318 since Spring 2019 in all the requirements for major or as prerequisite of other courses.
  2. SWENG 465 – Web Services is offered in Spring 2019 to replace CMPSC475 as computing elective for CS and primary tech elective for SE. 
  3. CMPSC335  Fundamentals of Communications Networks is offered in Spring 2019 instead of Fall 2019. If you are sophomore, junior or senior without CMPEN461 in Computer Science at Behrend, I suggest you to take this course in Spring 2019.
  4. Due to the limitation of the enrollments (by class size or room capacity), some courses such as CMPSC421/443/441/474, SWENG421/431/465, etc which are required by CS /SE majors have been set the control to allow CS and/or SE students to take at this time and will be opened later to other students. Pleas register them as early as you can.
  5. The prerequisite for CMPSC443 is CMPSC473 , CMPEN362 which can be substituted by CMPSC474/CMPEN441 and CMPSC335/CMPEN461 respectively.
  6. If you have obtained internship opportunity in any of Spring, Fall or Summer, please inform Dr. Wen-Li Wang (, coordinator of the internship programs, to help you register it for credits (up to 3) which count as the supporting area course credits for CS and secondary tech elective course credits for SE.
  7. The above are what I have so far. I will let you know if there are any further common information regarding to the schedule. By the way, this message will also be  posted on CSSE news channel:

You are encouraged to register on this channel so that you can receive the newest updates by email automatically.

Best Regards,

Dr. Su

Dr. Meng Su
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
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