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Behrend’s Department of Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering (SE) offers undergraduate degrees in both Computer Science and Software Engineering.

The purpose of computer science is to investigate algorithms, design efficiency, and implementation and application of computer systems to the problems of businesses and government. The goal of a computer scientist is to maintain and create the most effective computer systems possible using the most current technology available. The field of computer sciences is one of the fastest growing industries today. As people rely more on computers, the development and maintenance of computer systems is critical. Computer science graduates will find numerous career opportunities in a variety of business, government, and academic organizations. The curriculum at Penn State Behrend also prepares students for further study in computer science at the master’s and doctoral levels.

Software engineering is a relatively young and rapidly evolving discipline. Money magazine has consistently listed software engineer as a Best Job in America in recent years. As a student of software engineering, you will be continuously challenged as you learn the skills necessary to stay current in the field long after graduation. The Software Engineering major prepares students for both industry and graduate school while building sound business management, technical consulting, and systems analysis skills.

The Department has grown significantly in the past five years.Our SE program is ABET accredited, and the CS program passed the initial ABET review and is now pending for official approval. Our faculty research interests span a wide spectrum of topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing,  Text Mining, Cybersecurity, Computing Education, etc.

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