Penn State Behrend Speaker Series Presents: Linda Bernardi   — Recommend for CSSE students

Penn State Behrend Speaker Series Presents: Linda Bernardi

Date and Time

Wednesday, March 13 2019 at 7:30 PM EDT to

Wednesday, March 13 2019 at 9:00 PM EDT


McGarvey Commons

4701 College Dr., Erie, PA

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Linda Bernardi, A former co-lead on the Watson team at IBM, shares her passion for enabling disruption and bringing critical innovation and technologies into companies around the world.  A leading technologist, serial high tech entrepreneur, and disruptive thinker, Linda is widely regarded for helping transform the IoT and big data analytic landscape. As the former chief innovation officer at IBM for IoT and Cloud, her focus was integrating Watson’s cognitive capabilities into the IoT and new product offerings, enabling IBM’s Fortune 100 customers to introduce IoT, AI and cognitive capabilities into their operations and thrive in the hyper-connected world.

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admission is free

Research Assistant Position(s)

Dr. Omar Ashour is looking for 1 – 2 undergraduate research assistant(s) to work on a project that requires designing and developing virtual reality environments that will be used to teach manufacturing systems concepts. The student should have an excellent knowledge and programming skills in Unity and gaming in general and should be able to work with a team located at University Park campus. The student could be majoring in Computer Science/Engineering or any related field. A GPA of 3.5 (or more) is preferred. The student can start working in Summer 2019 or Fall 2019.

Here is a link to the project story:

If interested please send your CV to Dr. Ashour at (

Some CSSE courses for Spring 2019 are temporarily closed and will be reopened

Dear CSSE students,

There are several courses such as SWENG311, 421, 452, 465, and CMPSC443 are currently closed by the office to solve some conflicts among them. These classes are not full yet and will be open again. Ms. Caitlyn Catalfu, scheduling officer of School of Engineering is working with course instructors and registrar’s office on solving these conflicts. I will send the notice on CSSE news channel (, please subscribe to it if you haven’t done so) when I receive further information. Thank you for your patience.

Dr. Su

A few more notes on CSSE course schedule in Spring

  1. SWENG 311, SWENG421, and SWENG481 in Spring 2019 are currently closed registration to solve some course conflicts and will be open again soon.
  2.   CMPSC335 can not replace CMPEN461 as a requirement for SE major.
  3. CMPSC421, 441,443 SWENG465, 421, 431, 452 are currently restricted to Behrend CS and SE majors to sign . They will be open to other majors in a few weeks.

    Thanks for the patience.
    Dr. Su

Beaumont Technologies is looking for CS/SE intern

Beaumont Technologies, a company in Erie  is looking for an intern on very short notice. 

I have attached a general job description but to be more specific we are looking for a CS/SE Junior (prefer) who would be able to work part-time during this school year. The intent is for this to lead into a summer internship and continue into their senior year of college. We are looking for an individual with the following characteristics or skills:

– Familiarity with primarily C++/C# followed by Java/Javascript

– Familiarity with Git version control and SQL database design and maintenance

– Able to work individually and solve issues with minimal technical guidance

– Outgoing individual who has good communication skills

We are hoping to receive recommendations/resumes as soon as possible so that we can contact individuals and see who would be a good fit for the position.

Please contact Mark Stankiewicz <>, Software Engineer, Beaumont Technologies, Inc. 

Academic Advising Notes on elective courses in Spring 2019

Academic Advising Notes on elective courses in Spring 2019 for CS/SE students (PLEASE WATCH THE PREREQUISITES)

  • For Computer Science Behrend students, the following courses count as Computing Elective (CMPSC courses can also count Science Elective and SWENG courses also count Supporting and Related Areas. However, each course counts only once. )

           CMPSC441/Game 450, CMPSC443, CMPSC456, SWENG465, SWENG421, SWENG431, SWENG 452 (SWENG311 doesn’t count for CS students), 

  • For Software Engineering Behrend students, the following courses count as Primary Elective (also count Secondary Elective. But, each course counts only once.)

           CMPSC 421, CMPSC441/Game 450CMPSC443, CMPSC456, SWENG465

For general information about the electives, please refer to the paragraph in handbook for CS/SE which are pasted below in appendix.

Again, this message is posted on CSSE news channel:

You are encouraged to register on this channel for the latest updates.



Academic Advising Notes for Computer Science  

(1) Science Sequence (10 or 11 credits)

Students need to complete one of the following three semester science (GN) course sequences which will also count toward their general education except CHEM 210.

1.(Biology) CHEM 110(3), BIOL 110S(4) and BIOL 220W(4) or BIOL 230W(4) or BIOL 240W(4)

2.(Chemistry) CHEM 110(3), CHEM 111(1), CHEM 112(3), CHEM 113(1), and CHEM 210(3)

3.(Physics) PHYS 211(4), PHYS 212(4), and PHYS 213(2) or PHYS 214(2)

The courses listed in (2) to (4) below are all counted as additional courses in the university Bulletin and LionPath.

CMPSC courses higher than CMPSC 312 are in all (2) to (4) except the prescribed required courses, but they can be counted only in one of them!

(2) Science Elective (15 credits)

Students may choose from the following courses:

  • ASTRO 291 or higher; BIOL 110 or higher; CHEM 110 or higher;  CMPSC courses higher than CMPSC 312
  • GEOG 160 or higher; MATH 200 level or higher; METEO 101 or higher
  • PHYS 211 or higher except PHYS 250 or PHYS 251
  • STAT 300 level or higher

(3) Computing Elective (9 credits)

Students may select courses from CMPSC 312 or higher, SWENG411 or higher, or CMPEN courses.

(4) Supporting and Related Areas (6 credits)

All 300 and 400-level courses in CMPSC (including CMPSC 494 – Research, CMPSC 495 –

Internship, and/or CMPSC 496 Independent Study), GAME, MIS, MATH, STAT, BIOL, CHEM,


  • CMPSC471 has been replaced by CMPSC421

School-Approved Electives for Software Engineering


Technical electives allow students to choose areas of interest to explore. Technical electives come in two flavors, primary and secondary. Primary technical electives are those courses offered to CSSE majors which are not required for the SE BD major. Secondary technical electives are offered outside your home department and give you broader latitude. Students must complete at least two primary technical electives, and, at most, one secondary technical elective.

Primary Technical Electives
Course Credits Name Offered
Any 300-400 level EE course
Any 300-400 level CMPEN course not already required for the major
Any 400 level CMPSC course not already required for the major
Any 300-400 level SWENG course not already required for the major
GAME 450 3 Advanced GAME Programming
GAME 480 3 GAME Development Project
Secondary Technical Electives
SWENG 395+495 (3:3:0) Internship Fall/Spring
MIS 430 (3:3:0) Systems Analysis  Fall/Spring
MIS 435 (3:3:0) Systems Design and Implementation Fall/Spring
MIS 445 (3:3:0) Management Report Systems  Fall
MIS 470 (3:3:0) Advanced Applications Development Spring
MGMT 409 (3:3:0) Project Management for Engineers
PSYCH 444 (3:3:0) Engineering Psychology Fall
ECON 481 (3:3:0) Business Forecasting Techniques Spring
ECON 485 (3:3:0) Econometric Techniques Fall
MATH 455 (3:3:0) Introduction to Numerical Analysis I Fall
MATH 456 (3:3:0) Introduction to Numerical Analysis II Spring (even years)
ENTR 430 (3:3:0) Entrepreneurship & New Product Dev. Fall