Our Students Rock in the HackPSU!

On November 4th, over 60+ Behrend students competed against nearly 600 students in HackPSU Fall 2017. This is the highest Behrend turnout we have seen in recent years, with over 4 times as many participants as last year!
The Behrend students showed off their technical prowess with many interesting and original projects, with four groups winning a total of five prizes:
(* denotes non-Behrend teammates)
Project: Krypt
Challenges Won: 3rd place overall HackPSU Fall 2017
Team Members:
Nick Brougher
*Keegan Harris
*Kyle Spencer
*Rachel Cooper
Project: EZ-park
Challenges Won: Winner of GM Challenge, 3rd place Blackboard Challenge
Team Members:
Brandon Bench
Hozaifa Abdalla
Daniel Lopez
Fernando Carrillo
Dustin Reimold
Project: DynAdvisor
Challenges Won: 1st place Winner of IBM Watson Challenge
Team Members:
Jacob Davis
Ali Malik
Alakh Naik
Austin Higgins
Project: TradeOff
Challenges Won: Winner of BNY Mellon Challenge
Team Members:
Conrad Weiser
Ryan Seipp
Dan Kovalevich
*Matt Kerner
Click the links above to see more info about each project. You can also browse other projects which were not winners, as there were a lot of interesting ideas this weekend!
Thank you for everyone’s support of this event, and hopefully we will all be back to compete again in the Spring!
Aiden Chiavatti
President of Behrend ACM
P.S. Special thanks  goes to following:
The EdTech Network at University Park connected us with a NYC based AI company IPSoft to have sponsored us coach bus for the trip.
Tom Rossi, CSSE faculty member went with students to this event.
Behrend ACM student chapter president Aiden Chiavatti helped to organize our students for this competition.
Dr. Su

Apply for the PSGC Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium (PSGC) is seeking outstanding undergraduate students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) fields to apply for the PSGC Undergraduate Scholarship Program. This competitive scholarship of $4,000 will be awarded for the 2018-19 academic year to full-time rising juniors or seniors attending an accredited Pennsylvania college or university.

The application can be found here, as well as more information about our scholarship program and eligibility. The application will open November 1, 2017 and the deadline is February 1, 2018.

Academic Advising Notes for Computer Science and Software Engineering

Computer Science Program

  1. Computing Elective course lists (need 9 credits):
    — Any 312-400 level CMPSC course not already required for the major
    — Any CMPEN, or SWENG courses.
  2. Supporting and Related Areas (need 6 credits):
    — Any 300 and 400-level courses in CMPSC (including CMPSC 494 – Research, CMPSC 495 – Internship, and/or CMPSC 496 – Independent Study),
    — Any 300 and 400-level courses in GAME, MIS, MATH, STAT, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, ACCTG, ECON, FIN, PSYCH, and ROTC.
  • Academic Recommended Plan for computer science at Behrend:
  • Annotated program curriculum for degree audit:
    CMPBD_Degree_ Audit.
  • Academic Recommended Plan for transferred to University Park:
  • Notes:
    (1) Computer Science students need to take CMPSC221 not SWENG311.
    (2) Computer Science students have to take CMPSC431 as the requirement course
    (3) Computer Science students do not take CMPSC471 which is not offered at Behrend. Instead, CMPSC421 is required by all computer science majors.

Software Engineering Program:

  1. Primary Technical Electives (need 6 credits)
    — Any 300-400 level EE course
    — Any 300-400 level CMPEN course not already required for the major
    — Any 400 level CMPSC course not already required for the major
    — Any 300-400 level SWENG course not already required for the major
    — GAME 450, GAME 480 GAME
  2. Secondary Technical Electives (need 3 credits)
    — SWENG 395+495 Internship
    — MIS 430,  MIS 435 , MIS 445,  MIS 470,  MGMT 409,  PSYCH 444,  ECON 481,  ECON 485,
    — MATH 455,  MATH 456
    — ENTR 430
  • Academic Recommended Plan for software engineering:
  • Annotated program curriculum for degree audit
  • Notes:
    (1). Software Engineering can take either MIS 336 or CMPSC431 as the major required course at this moment. If a student takes MIS 336 first and then CMPSC431, the latter one is considered as the computing or technical elective.
    (2). CMPEN270 = CMPEN271 + CMPEN275
    (3). Software Engineering students need to take SWENG311, not CMPSC221.

Microsoft Principal Program Manager Deb Mcfadden Will Speak (Skype) To Behrend Students on Monday 5:00pm at Burke 204

ACM has an event coming up with a Principal Program Manager who has 16+ years experience creating and delivering Enterprise and Consumer software products at Microsoft. We will be talking to her over Skype, where she will discuss her experiences throughout her career, and what it is like to work at Microsoft.


Aiden Chiavatti

President of Behrend ACM

Sign up the Survey to secure a seat on Coach Bus to UP for HackPSU Event on Nov. 4 & 5, 2017

Hello all,


This year’s Fall HackPSU will be on November 4th! I highly recommend that all Behrend CSSE students attend as it is not only a ton of fun, but also a great opportunity for learning, gaining resume-worthy experience, and networking with companies like IBM, GM, and Capital One. Behrend students continuously take home prizes from HackPSU, and we hope this year will be no different.

The school is hoping to secure a bus to University Park, so please fill out the following survey if you have any interest in attending. If there is enough interest, then we may be able to get the bus. For any newcomers or team-less hackers, be sure to indicate on the survey that you want help finding a team. From those responses, we will create a shareable doc to help students find possible teammates.

For more info, and to sign up for HackPSU, visit https://hackpsu.org/. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at avc5665@psu.edu. Also, come visit ACM’s Hackathon Prep Session on November 2nd at 7:00 pm in Burke 201 for tips on getting started, and to see previously made hackathon projects.

Happy hacking,

Aiden Chiavatti
President of Behrend ACM

ABET Celebration Event A Great Success. Thank all the attendees and speakers!

This was a successful event. It turned out a big crowd including students, alumni, industrial advisory members, faculty and staff.  Thank all of you who joined. A very special thanks goes to our speakers: Mr. Matt Stanton (keynote speaker), Dr. Dipo Onipede (Associate director of  Academics), nine student panelists (Hozaifa Abdalla , Nick Antonelli, Yehya Awad, Fernando Carrillo, Kaytlynn Chuzie, Aiden Chiavatti, Kyle Deddo, Marcus Kline, Max Rowan), and panel moderator Dr. Wen-Li Wang for the inspirational speeches. I also want to thank Aiden Chiavatti, preident of Behrend ACM student chapter, and Ms. Joy Armbruster in school office for their help in organizing this event. Checking out these exciting moments in the photos taken by Prof. Richard Zhao and Prof. Tom Rossi – Thank you all!~Dr. Su

Celebration of ABET Accreditation for Behrend Computer Science

There will be a celebration event for Behrend Computer Science’s official ABET accreditation on Thursday, October 12. The ceremony will begin at 5PM in Burke auditorium B-180. Students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as community and media members, are invited.

Matt Stanton, senior Vice President of Libria and one of our first computer science graduates in 2005, will give a keynote speech “Building Your Road-map.” He will talk about how his experiences at Penn State enabled his career path, what companies look for in recruiting, and his outlook on the tech market.

Additionally, there will be a internship panel consisting of current CSSE students. They will share their perspectives on the internship process and how their experiences have impacted their undergraduate academic and career development.

Student panelists in name alphabetical order with their internship companies include Nick Antonelli (KCF Technologies), Yehya Awad (Amazon), Fernando Carrillo (Intel), Kaytlynn Chuzie(Microsoft), Aiden Chiavatti (Amazon), Kyle Deddo(Ness Technologies), Marcus Kline (Erie Insurance), Max Rowan (SAP Ariba).

Immediately following the panel discussion, there will be a reception with food and drinks in the foyer part of the auditorium. A flyer for this event made by Dr. Richard Zhao is attached. Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


Penn State Behrend ACM Student Chapter

Congratulations! The newly elected  Penn State Behrend  ACM student Chapter officers in 2017-2018 academic year are (election was hold at the end of last Spring semester):

Aiden Chiavatti – President

A senior majoring in Software Engineering. Interned over the summer at Amazon, and will be returning after graduation as a full time Software Development Engineer. Learned various new things over the summer at Amazon, and was able to add a feature to a live Amazon website. Enjoys reading programming books, especially about Java. Frequently attends Penn State hackathons, and will continue to do so this year.

Conrad Weiser – Vice President

A sophomore going after a Software Engineering degree. Coming from a family of engineers, project work has always been something He has loved to tackle in my free time. Despite having interests in a wide variety of computing topics, one of my favorite topics is Computer Security. He is hoping to either minor, or has multiple certificates for SRA qualifications by the time that he graduates. Outside of the computer fields, he really enjoys hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter. His favorite language is Java.

Katie Chuzie – Treasurer

A senior studying Software Engineering, she has been a member of ACM for two years and this is my second year as treasurer. She has attended multiple hackathons while being a member of ACM such as Local Hack Day here at Behrend the last two years as well as WICHacks at RIT the last two years. She has had two different internship experiences during my time at Behrend at both TechnipFMC here in Erie, PA and Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Her specific interests are in the field of cybersecurity which is what my internship focused on this past summer at Microsoft and what she will be doing as a full time employee at Microsoft following graduation. She believes joining ACM is a great opportunity to network and learn new skills from fellow students in computing.

Daniel Kovalevich – Secretary

A sophomore who is pursuing a Computer Science degree, not only is he an officer of ACM, he is part of the Schreyer Honors College and a member of the Game Development Club. He enjoys programming quite a bit and attempt to attend all hackathons around the local area. He has been working on a research project in Node.js for the school with a number of others.

Penn State Behrend Game Club

Congratulations!  The newly elected game club (it holds annual election) officers in 2017-2018 academic year are:

President: Matthew Benkart
Vice President: J. Appallonia Hardner
Treasurer: Corey Zalewski
Secretary: Joe Craig
Public Relations officer: Tiffany Eichler

Faculty advisor: Dr. Richard Zhao


Matt Benkart: I am a Computer Science major working towards the Game Development minor. I first learned to program by making text based adventure games in my free time. I now design and program games with a focus on player freedom, procedural world generation, and artificial intelligence.

J. Appallonia Hardner: A senior Software Engineering major with three minors, including the game development minor. An officer for nearly three years, they are currently vice president and in charge of fundraising for the club. They are an avid game programmer and designer hoping to work in the games industry sometime after graduation.

Corey Zalewski: I’m a senior Software Engineering major. I’m currently a second year Erie Insurance Software Engineering intern working on a large variety of projects from web applications to C# applications in the business.I take part in two clubs on campus, Game Developer’s Club which I am the current treasurer and the Association of Computer Machinery club.

For more information, please see their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PSBGameDev/