Penn State Behrend Speaker Series Presents: Linda Bernardi   — Recommend for CSSE students

Penn State Behrend Speaker Series Presents: Linda Bernardi

Date and Time

Wednesday, March 13 2019 at 7:30 PM EDT to

Wednesday, March 13 2019 at 9:00 PM EDT


McGarvey Commons

4701 College Dr., Erie, PA

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Linda Bernardi, A former co-lead on the Watson team at IBM, shares her passion for enabling disruption and bringing critical innovation and technologies into companies around the world.  A leading technologist, serial high tech entrepreneur, and disruptive thinker, Linda is widely regarded for helping transform the IoT and big data analytic landscape. As the former chief innovation officer at IBM for IoT and Cloud, her focus was integrating Watson’s cognitive capabilities into the IoT and new product offerings, enabling IBM’s Fortune 100 customers to introduce IoT, AI and cognitive capabilities into their operations and thrive in the hyper-connected world.

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A few more notes on CSSE course schedule in Spring

  1. SWENG 311, SWENG421, and SWENG481 in Spring 2019 are currently closed registration to solve some course conflicts and will be open again soon.
  2.   CMPSC335 can not replace CMPEN461 as a requirement for SE major.
  3. CMPSC421, 441,443 SWENG465, 421, 431, 452 are currently restricted to Behrend CS and SE majors to sign . They will be open to other majors in a few weeks.

    Thanks for the patience.
    Dr. Su

Important remarks on Spring 2019 CS/SE course schedule

Dear Behrend Computer Science and Software Engineering students,

As you are starting to register for classes in Spring 2019 semester, I would like to remind you of the following. They might be crucial to your graduation on time in CS, SE major.  I strongly advise you to follow the recommended academic plan(RAP) to take the courses. You can  find them by clicking the links:

Computer Science, B.S. and Software Engineering, B.S.

However, here are some remarks or changes for the Spring 2019 which are not reflected on the RAPs yet. It may affect your schedule in the following years. Please read them carefully.

  1. STAT 301 will be replaced by STAT318 since Spring 2019 in all the requirements for major or as prerequisite of other courses.
  2. SWENG 465 – Web Services is offered in Spring 2019 to replace CMPSC475 as computing elective for CS and primary tech elective for SE. 
  3. CMPSC335  Fundamentals of Communications Networks is offered in Spring 2019 instead of Fall 2019. If you are sophomore, junior or senior without CMPEN461 in Computer Science at Behrend, I suggest you to take this course in Spring 2019.
  4. Due to the limitation of the enrollments (by class size or room capacity), some courses such as CMPSC421/443/441/474, SWENG421/431/465, etc which are required by CS /SE majors have been set the control to allow CS and/or SE students to take at this time and will be opened later to other students. Pleas register them as early as you can.
  5. The prerequisite for CMPSC443 is CMPSC473 , CMPEN362 which can be substituted by CMPSC474/CMPEN441 and CMPSC335/CMPEN461 respectively.
  6. If you have obtained internship opportunity in any of Spring, Fall or Summer, please inform Dr. Wen-Li Wang (, coordinator of the internship programs, to help you register it for credits (up to 3) which count as the supporting area course credits for CS and secondary tech elective course credits for SE.
  7. The above are what I have so far. I will let you know if there are any further common information regarding to the schedule. By the way, this message will also be  posted on CSSE news channel:

You are encouraged to register on this channel so that you can receive the newest updates by email automatically.

Best Regards,

Dr. Su

Dr. Meng Su
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Summer Internship — in State College

KCF Technologies is an exciting and rapidly growing technology company focused on putting inventions to work in the industrial world. We have several open internships and job positions that may be of interest to your best students in computer science, electrical engineering, and computer engineering. We are looking for students to help us reshape the Internet of Things (IOT) landscape working on full stack development, cloud and security infrastructure, embedded computing, and low power wireless sensors. If you know of students who are excited by a challenging and fast-paced environment, we would like to know about them.

We work and play hard with outstanding health care, fitness programs, and are recognized as a bicycle friendly workplace — here in the friendly heart of central Pennsylvania. KCF’s team is a diverse group of developers, designers, innovators and dreamers from all walks of life that have one thing in common: a passion for bringing the latest technologies to life to make the things we work and live with Smarter! We look forward to hearing from you about students you would recommend for an internship.

Brianna Jackson
Solving Real-World Problems Through Research
KCF Technologies

Work/Internship Opportunity

1. The Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience at Penn State is currently seeking artists, programmers, audio specialists, game designers and producers for a cutting edge project developing an original computer game at Penn State.

See attached poster for details:



2. Dr. Aqlan has a position for an undergraduate student to do an NSF funded research on developing a website for manufacturing simulations and games. The student needs to have good programming and web development skills.

Duration: 10 weeks (June-July, 2018)
Salary: $4,200 (plus $1500 for conference travel)
Location: Penn State Behrend
If you are interested, please contact
Dr. Faisal Aqlan
PI & Director: NSF RET Site
Assist. Prof. of Industrial Engineering
Penn State Behrend, Erie PA 16563

Behrend Speaker Series – Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek

Penn State Behrend Speaker Series

Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek

Thursday February 22, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

McGarvey Commons

Dr. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek

White Hat” Hackers:

Recognized as two of the most technically proficient hackers on earth by, Charlie and Chris are best known for the remote compromise of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, whereby they obtained physical control of the vehicle from more than 10 miles away, exposing serious security flaws. Their headline-making research led to Fiat Chrysler’s recall of 1.4 million vehicles.

Today is the deadline for students to apply to graduate in May 2018.

Today is the deadline for students to apply to graduate in May 2018. Students can do this in LionPath. If they miss this deadline they need to file an intent to graduate by contacting the registrar in person.

Applying for Graduation

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5.   Click the Submit Application button. Note: If you need to change the program or graduation term, use the buttons provided.


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Nittany AI Challenge Resources

1.    The Nittany AI Challenge overview page on the EdTech Network website

2.    The Nittany AI Challenge Canvas space, which contains all challenge info and submission details  — you need to login your PSU Canvas to access them with the submission form. 

3.    The Nittany AI Challenge Slack Channel where you can post questions, discuss ideas, seek team members, etc.

4.    The 2-minute Nittany AI Challenge rundown video on Youtube

5.  A longer-form, 40 minute overview of the Nittany AI Challenge that includes a full walkthrough of the process, criteria, and challenges.


Best wishes and good luck as you assemble your ideas and prepare to submit your proposal(s) by January 29th!