Deciding to Feel

What is it about decision making that becomes so overwhelming to us? What is us decides to base our decisions off of logic and sometimes based on nothing but our pure and raw emotions? I personally have always had a problem with decision making, and often never make the most beneficial decision, why is it that I seem to choose wrongly and others may make all of the correct decisions?

I have had a problem for several years now with the concept of relationships. My boyfriend has a friend from Brazil (female) that visited recently, he payed more attention to her than he had to me in several months. In the beginning of this situation I had decided that I would completely ignore what I was feeling, I would not let it bother me because he hadn’t seen her in a while. As the week went on, it felt as if I was slowly losing control over how jealous I became, though I made the conscious decision to ignore it, I could not make my emotions subside. The issue I was and am having, is over the fact that I do not want to be bothered by lack of attention or jealousy over his attention being shared with someone else and yet my emotions did not agree with my desires.

I know that he loves me, adores me even, and yet, I get jealous whenever his attention is on another female, I logically understand that he would not do anything to hurt me in a million years but my emotions do not consider logic and are still hurt by even the smallest hint of neglect. Goldstein (2011)  says that emotions serve the purpose of letting us know what to do in a particular circumstance but at what point do we sacrifice our emotions for logic so that we do not interfere with the emotions of others?

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