Diversity and solving problems

I’ve always been confused about what I’ve wanted to do for a career because I’m interested in so many different things, such as nutrition, psychology, the body, spirituality, and art. To many people, each one of these things is so different from one another but I believe they are all very connected and I’m inspired by the idea of people from different backgrounds and degrees working together to accomplish a goal. I believe it’s beneficial for a field to recruit people from other areas to create insight, which is that aha! moment when solving a problem, according to E. Bruce Goldstein, author of the textbook Cognitive Psychology. Why shouldn’t someone with a background in art go to medical school to use their precision skills to perform surgeries? Or why shouldn’t someone with a degree in psychology go to law school to use their knowledge on perception to help settle a case?

I believe this diversity can be used to our advantage by overcoming obstacles in problems faced on the job. The traditional uses of certain objects cause people to get stuck in functional fixedness, which is an issue many people face when solving a problem. When you have a different perspective from someone who comes in without the same background, I believe problems could be solved quicker.

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