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EdTech Tips

The EdTech Tips series illustrates our library of educational practices and supported tools. Packaged in quick 1-2 minute videos, each tip pairs technology with pedagogy, providing examples for you to integrate these ideas in your course.

These videos are designed to cast vision for you and your courses, so if you see a technology or pedagogy that you like, connect with us for help integrating them into your curriculum.

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EdTech Tips Library

EdTech Tip: OneDrive

Discover how OneDrive from the Office 365 Suite can support student collaboration using shared folders and documents. Create and monitor short or long-term assignments, integrate formative assessment with instructor comments, and have your students submit directly to Canvas.

EdTech Tip: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a visual media studio – it allows you to create graphics through the Posts tool, interactive web pages through the Pages tool, and videos for the web through the Videos tool. Equip your learners with the tools they need to create professional media for your projects and classroom experiences.

EdTech Tip: Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word app inside the Office 365 Suite enables classroom collaboration through shared group notes and papers. Students can exchange comments on collaborative documents, asking questions, or adding useful insights. All of the familiar Microsoft Word tools are available, and much more!

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EdTech Tip: Microsoft Forms

Gather data from students and have them craft their own surveys using Microsoft Forms in the Office 365 Suite. Using a variety of input options like multiple choice, text boxes, and graph submissions allows for flexible and robust survey design, and responses can be exported for easy analysis.

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EdTech Tip: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an application that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with Penn State’s Office 365 suite, including Microsoft Office. This is a collaboration tool that you can use when assigning your students group work and to collaborate with other researchers.

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EdTech Tip: Nearpod

Improve classroom engagement and participation with Nearpod, an interactive presentation tool combining classic slide-based presentation with activities like polls, quizzes, and collaborative note-taking. Each student joins the Nearpod session from their personal device. Keep your students engaged throughout your class with tools like graphing calculators, 3D and VR support, video integration, drawing interactions, and memory tests for formative and summative assessments, captured in an end-of-session report for review.

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EdTech Tip: Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is a presentation tool, designed to replace Microsoft PowerPoint for visual presentations and storytelling. Sway aims to present to a digital audience, not a live audience. The presentation takes place via cards that create a storyline, which can be edited or sequenced. As a result, Sway is more flexible than PowerPoint. Users create their “Sways” with an interactive canvas built from the ground up for the Web and mobile devices, so that the Sway dynamically adapts to fit the device it will be viewed on.

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