Since 1981, the University’s Commission for Women has identified areas of concern for the women employees and students of Penn State. It is a forum for exchanging ideas that can translate into improved practices to support women at Penn State.

Its membership represents every employment category: faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff, technical service and administrative, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. The President appoints the membership of the commission as an advisory group to recommend policies and programs to enhance the University’s working and learning environments.

Penn State Harrisburg’s Commission for Women Liaison group supports and extends these efforts locally at our campus. We hold monthly meetings open to all campus members where we present, learn, and discuss issues of interest to women. We also schedule and support frequent programming and events on campus including RAINN Day, One Billion Rising, and YWCA speakers.

2018-2019 Executive Committee

  • Co-chairs: Marissa Hoover and Catherine Rios
  • Co-chairs elect:
  • Treasurer:
  • Secretary: Lauren Anderson
  • Ex-officio: Lily Durante

We hope to see you at our meetings and upcoming campus events!

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