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Embracing Multiculturalism: Why Diversity is Preferable to Universality

Jason Isgrigg The debate between cultural unity and cultural plurality dates back to at least the ancient Greeks when they disputed whether a true universal human “goodness” existed. More than two millennia later, the issue of whether there exists a common versus a diverse human culture remains contentious. Not only do I argue that a […]

Feature: Being Muslim from the eyes of the world within America

Zehra Çayıroğlu What is it like to be Muslim in America? I’m not exactly sure where to start with answering this question, but I believe it’s best to start by answering what it’s like to be a Muslim in a country where Islam is the dominant religion, my homeland: Turkey.

Updated: Kim Jong-un’s New Entourage (Reprint)

Andy Lim discusses Kim Jong-un’s circle of confidants.

Perspectives on Film: Bollywood and International Copyright Infringement

Richard Guerra discusses the relationship between Hollywood and Bollywood regarding copyright law.

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