Kim Jong-Un Targeted for Assassination?

Photo Credit: AFP[1]

By: Garrett Redfield

It was just about a month ago that news spread like wildfire that Kim Jong-Un had been assassinated. A report by ABC News found that the story appeared to have originated from the Chinese social media site Weibo and then “gained traction” after two fake BBC twitter accounts then re-tweeted the information. However, U.S. officials who were “contacted by ABC News said there was no validity to the reports.”

Now, in an article released today by the The Telegraph claims that Kim Jong-Un was the target of an assassination attempt. It cites “South Korean intelligence sources” as having stated that the assassins may have been “disgruntled people inside the North” and that the attack took place in Pyeongyang. According to an intelligence officer, the assumed motive was to exact revenge. “The people who were purged after the gunfight could be related to the assassination attempt.”

Nevertheless, there is a lack of verification of who was supposedly behind the attack, when it occurred, and too many loosely connected ideas. Thus, one should approach this claim with caution. Until all facets have been accounted for, this assassination attempt should not be a clear sign of anything, other than a possible misinterpretation or misrepresentation of an event that occurred in North Korea.


Garrett Redfield is a Master of International Affairs Candidate at the School of International Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University. As an adopted Korean American, he has a strong interest in Korean Peninsula affairs, and focuses on Korean Reunification. Garrett has lived in Korea for an extensive amount of time, mainly as a former ESL instructor. He is proficient in Korean.



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