U.S. Ambassadorial Postings For Sale

By: Garrett Redfield

U.S. Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.) and Dr. Johannes Fedderke recently co-wrote a paper that concluded that there is a significant relationship between persons who contribute to a U.S. presidential candidate’s campaign and individuals who are being appointed as “ambassadors in high income OECD countries.”

What’s even more disturbing about this report is that it concludes that the more a person contributes to a campaign, “the more highly ranked the posting in terms of per capita GDP, tourist volumes,” etc. Unfortunately, it appears as though ambassadorships can be ‘bought.’

What are the ramifications of such political acts? Should the U.S. really be gambling its international representation on a person who may have little or no international experience or knowledge?


To read the full paper, click here.

You can also view an interview with Ambassador Jett and Dr. Fedderke: here


Garrett Redfield is a Master of International Affairs Candidate at the School of International Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University. As an adopted Korean American, he has a strong interest in Korean Peninsula affairs, and focuses on Korean Reunification. Garrett has spent extensive time living in Korea, mainly as a former ESL instructor. He is proficient in Korean.

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