The Arduous Search for Energy Independence in Chile

Marcela Velez discusses the ways Chile is addressing its energy challenges.

Food for Thought: The North Korea Situation

In the op-ed by Jan Burnett, Jan delves into the various perspectives of states who have a vested interest in North Korea.

North Korea and Hezbollah: A Nexus Worth Fearing?

Natalie Schreffler investigates the relationship between North Korea and Hezbollah.

North Korea Withdraws Workers From the Gaeseong Industrial Complex

Photo Credit: 38 North[1]  By: Garrett Redfield In a sad turn of events, not only has North Korea continued to increase its rhetoric, but it finally acted on it. Today, North Korea has decided to pull its 54,000 workers from the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, the main symbolic site of joint North-South economic cooperation. Although South Korean […]

Interview: North Korean Expert Evans J.R. Revere

Executive Editor Garrett Redfield interviewed North Korean expert Mr. Evans J.R. Revere regarding his insights on North Korea.

We Lend You Peace!

In the op-ed by Jin Ju Kim, she discusses the impact mercenaries have had, especially in Sierra Leone.

North Korea Blocks Workers From South at the Border

Photo Credit: Jung Yeon-Je/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images[1]  By: Garrett Redfield The New York Times Reports: “North Korea blocked South Koreans on Wednesday from crossing the heavily armed border to a jointly operated [Gaeseong Industrail Complex], raising doubt about the future of the last remaining major symbol of inter-Korean cooperation.  The move came four days after North […]

Background on The Republic of Korea’s PSI Participation and Its Significance

Yunseo Jeong discusses the Proliferation Security Initiative and its effect on North and South Korean relations.

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