The USA FREEDOM Act: Proposed Reform and the Absolute Importance of the Act’s Proposed Office of Special Advocate

Photo Credit: Boundless Informant[1] (Map indicating the amount of data the NSA collects worldwide.  Red indicates that a country is most subject to surveillance while green indicates that a country is least subject to surveillance.  The USA FREEDOM Act responds to the practice of collecting the private data of Americans.) By James N. Hendershot As […]

Going Global: English Proficiency and Business Competitiveness in Japan

Marina Kurokawa discusses arguments for and against better English proficiency in Japan.

China Eases Its One-Child Policy

Photo Credit: Ng Han Guan / Associated Press[1] By: Yang Liu According to China’s Communist Party’s Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, China is going to loosen the present one-child policy, which has been cited as a violation of human rights. The one-child policy sometimes results in forced abortions and hefty fines that […]

To Thai Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck: Foreign Policies Are Not Panaceas

Photo Credit: The Royal Thai Government[1] By: Yang Liu Since being elected Prime Minister of Thailand, Ms. Yingluck has been the center of “Yingluck fever” which has spread beyond Thailand to other countries. Her beautiful, casual but groomed image not only earned her a considerable number of Yingluck fans, but is also widely considered to […]

Authentic Desires and Internal Constraints

Kaini Li discusses the philosophical aspect of freedom and how it plays an integral part in international affairs.

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